National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/1975
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/30/75 21:00 Kent CT Circle 10 seconds Very low flying object with spinning multicolors. Craft did not seem to spin and had fire coming from rear. Low muffled fire sound. 12/23/02
10/30/75 20:00 Allen KY Disk 2-3 minutes seen while searching for family members during trick or treat on 31rst of october. heard weird sound, saw streams from rear of 10/19/99
10/28/75 18:00 Cleves OH Cigar don't know about thirty m As I was driving down Bridgetown Rd. to pick up my son from Taylor High, while going down hill, I saw an object in the sky, it was the 10/31/03
10/27/75 Limestone ME Light 20:00? Loring AFB 1975 Sighting 6/12/08
10/25/75 22:25 Muscatine (area approx. 7mi south) IA Circle 10 to 12 sec A formation of approx. 16 round fire orange guided craft entered the western sky at "10 o'clock" attitude. As I was watching the clear 4/2/99
10/24/75 22:00 Baytown TX Light 10-15 MINUTES THE OBJECT KEPT PACE WITH OUR CAR ALL THE WAY HOME. 4/16/05
10/21/75 23:20 Indian Rocks Beach FL Light 10 seconds Shooting star stops, reverced direction, loops back and then shoots off into night. 10/31/08
10/20/75 22:00 Enterprise AL Other two minutes Very low, very slow flying, silent, black trapezoid viewed by 4 family members for about two minutes 4/16/05
10/20/75 03:15 Watkins Glen NY
10 minutes Large wheel of no substance flickering and copying itself. 2/12/04
10/20/75 01:30 McDermott NV Sphere 3 hours A large, glowing ball that changed colors, and drifted overhead and to the South and West of me. 8/5/12
10/17/75 19:00 Greenwich CT Circle 10 minuts i made me feel it was a living thing. that it was alive 12/12/09
10/15/75 23:00 Collinsville AL Triangle 15 minutes It was like something out of star wars 7/16/03
10/15/75 22:00 Ryegate (south of) MT Circle 1 hour 10/15/75. Round shape, extremely bright white light, took off (up) when I told it to "come get me". 10/31/03
10/15/75 19:30 Montpelier/Burlington (between) VT Other 5 minutes 1970s cop sees massive UFO in rural Vermont 8/30/13
10/15/75 19:00 Monroe NY Disk 1 minute Flying saucer lifts off from field without a sound or trace. 10/10/11
10/15/75 19:00 Swannanoa NC Other 15 minutes Mother and children witness dome-shaped object with lights ascending from the ground and hovering overhead 8/5/01
10/15/75 18:30 Anniston AL Circle 15 minutes Blue and round. 1/16/15
10/15/75 18:00 Nesconset NY Disk 3 minutes Large quiet craft, moving at a very low altitude, heading east over Suffolk County, New York. 2/14/08
10/15/75 18:00 Williston ND Disk 5 Minutes Missing Time 12/16/05
10/15/75 17:00 Scituate RI Circle 10 minutes Object with orange lights moves straight up in sky to nothingness. 12/16/05
10/15/75 16:00 Marion KS Light 2 seconds We saw a green object zoom across the sky going at least several thousand mile per hour. 8/12/08
10/15/75 16:00 Batesville MS Sphere 10 min Shiny Silver Sphere seen for about 10 minutes in rural North Mississippi circa 1975 6/12/08
10/15/75 16:00 Marianna FL Disk 5 minutes Flying Disk seen in Fl Panhandle 9/24/03
10/15/75 06:30 Killeen TX Changing 3-4 min. Odd occurance over Ft. Hood, Texas 10/27/04
10/15/75 03:30 Polland Junction AZ Circle 30 min 4 of us saw the object while living near Prescott Arizona 6/21/00
10/15/75 03:00 Rockville MD Disk 1-2 hours Abduction middle of night encounter human atired in US Military Uniforms (Airforce) experience some type of Brain Surgery! 12/2/00
10/15/75 02:30 Rockville MD Disk 2 hours at least Floating abduction out of bed into a silver saucer; US military human beings on board, some kind of head surgery performed. 8/5/12
10/15/75 Greenwich CT Light not sure It was a living thing. 3/18/14
10/13/75 16:30 Warwick RI Disk 20 minutes Silent enormous disc shaped craft. 6/13/14
10/12/75 01:00 Perth (w. of; Southern Cross) (Western Australia)
Fireball 15 minutes fire ball and min min 6/18/04
10/10/75 17:00 North Charleston SC Light 5-6 minutes Several Flashing UFO lights over Charleston Naval Base in S.C. 2/14/08
10/1/75 23:00 Monroe LA Circle Hour Metallic silver orb floated over Northeast Louisiana University dorms. 1/11/19
10/1/75 22:00 Maricopa AZ Changing 20 min Group of 4 Orange Objects land near hills just west of small town of Maricopa Arizona... Oct, 1975 1/21/08
10/1/75 21:00 Kincheloe Air Force Base, Michigan MI Triangle 15 seconds Shaped like the letter "A", flew directly over top of us at est 500 ft. 2/16/00
10/1/75 15:30 Waterloo (Belgium)
Sphere 3 minutes Dull metallic 9-inch sphere follows perfectly linear path at 5-10 mph about 50 feet AGL. 3/27/14