National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/1974
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/74 17:45 Chicago IL
about 1 minute Orange light different from landing aircraft at O'Hare Airport shot up, then to the right and then out of site in about 5 seconds. 5/11/00
10/31/74 07:00 Rockford IL Light 5 seconds Bright white light, very fast, no sound or sonic boom, impossible maneuvers, too fast for aircraft 11/26/03
10/27/74 21:00 Eastland UT Sphere 1 hour At the time this was happening, I told myself that no one will ever convince me that this did not happen, ever! 7/26/02
10/22/74 20:00 Oneonta AL Circle 10 sec Big, round , with lights, but no sound, moving slow, 10/30/06
10/20/74 21:00 Owensboro KY Light 2 to 5 SECONDS it was roughly 13 lights in a triangle shaped formation flying in a zig-zag pattern from north to south. speed was unknown, except they 5/24/99
10/20/74 19:30 Houston TX Circle 45 minutes We watched a UFO at night through binoculars. 1/5/11
10/20/74 07:00 San Jose CA Fireball 5 minutes The Santa Clara Valley is bordered on the east by the Hamilton mountain range, and on the west by Santa Cruz mountain range. At the so 4/2/99
10/18/74 01:00 Hopkinsville KY Circle 15-20 minutes Three saucer shaped craft with sequentially flashing multicolored lights followed young couple who experienced lost time 10/12/01
10/15/74 23:00 La Junta CO Other 20 seconds we saw a glowing green pencil shaped object going from south to north. it moved out from behind one hill only to disappear behind anot 2/12/04
10/15/74 22:30 San Francisco (south of) CA Light 3 minutes A pulsing light that ascended at 90 degrees 4/16/05
10/15/74 20:00 Big Sandy TX Triangle 90 minutes Triangle, colored lights, cow mutilations, disappeared. 7/6/15
10/15/74 18:30 Bath OH Oval 45 min Strange animal sounds and what appeared to be a plane crashing before seeing huge craft hovering over tree across from our home.

10/15/74 18:00 Memphis TN Cigar probably 15-20min Cigar in Memphis 1974. 12/2/00
10/15/74 02:30 Oak Creek CO Cigar 20 follow-up information concerning flying pencil shaped object; original posting date 02/02/04 10/8/07
10/15/74 02:00 Missisauga (Canada) ON Circle 60-90 seconds Huge glowing orange orb hovered above ground. Orb flew away in arc less than 2 seconds. 2/20/15
10/15/74 01:30 Colorado Springs (North of) CO Light 4 to 5 seconds Sun bright object seen high in the sky near Air force Academy disappears in seconds! 6/9/09
10/14/74 20:00 Oran MO
15 seconds Saw triangle shaped craft, light on each corner, low overhead, few hundred feet above. As craft went by saw light on top. Soft noise l 11/21/10
10/14/74 16:30 Fulton MO Diamond 1 minutes I saw a golden orange diamond shaped object traveling south in the sky in mid october 1974 near Fulton MO 6/4/04
10/10/74 23:00 Hudson KS Light One hour? The light chased us. 7/25/04
10/10/74 21:30 Cardiff (UK/Wales)
Disk 20 minutes back in 1974 I was 19 at the time and lived in a suburb of Cardiff Wales UK called Ely, and in the distance there was a wood called Ca 2/1/07
10/10/74 19:30 Hudson MA Other 45 Minutes Not sure of the eact month or year of this sighting but it was in the fall of 74 or 75. Was walking home around dusk and saw a bright l 8/10/99
10/10/74 17:00 Willow Beach AZ Light 2 min The object was a brillant white light standing out against the bright arizona sky 2/18/01
10/10/74 02:00 Australia (out back)
Unknown 3 hours I got PROOF of an ENCOUNTER. 6/4/14
10/7/74 19:50 Yakima WA Cone 40 minutes Huge search light beam from 4 miles high in the sky illuminating a one mile diameter circle on the ground. 5/12/09
10/6/74 19:00 New Orleans LA
1 minute Strobe cloud hiding object over NOLA east. 4/22/16
10/5/74 23:00 Fossil OR Changing 55 hours ((HOAX??)) The object at a distance looked like a Ferris wheel with multiple colors of red green blue yellow. 5/29/15
10/1/74 22:00 Fresno CA Cigar 5 minutes A short accounting of this even written for a memoirs class. 7/23/17
10/1/74 21:00 Chester NJ Light 10 Minutes Three bright star like objects moving across the night sky at the speed of light and stopping on a dime. 12/7/06
10/1/74 20:00 Ankara (Turkey)
Changing 5 min. A bright, huge, and shape-changing object, exploded into numerous smaller spherical objects which moved in formation. 8/7/07
10/1/74 20:00 Deerwood MN Unknown 2 seconds Sighting 3 An incidence occurred in mid-October, 1974. I picked my son up from wrestling practice in the evening after school. We live 12/7/06
10/1/74 18:00 Weirton WV Sphere 4 minutes Upon coming home one evening in the early spring, I saw in the eastern horizon three circular objects that looked like three full mooon 1/7/00
10/1/74 01:00 Denton TX Unknown 10 min I was walking home from the Library at North Texas State University after the Library closed. From a distance, I saw a large red glowi 6/12/08