National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 08/1973
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/20/73 19:00 Poland OH Triangle 10 min Cone shaped UFO with dents and lights heard and sighted low over an Ohio home in 1973 4/13/10
8/15/73 23:20 Vicksburg MI Other 10-15 minutes Strange light, Craft and Motion 10/4/19
8/15/73 22:00 Takoma Park MD Sphere 5 minutes Three white crafts sped off one after another in different directions faster than any jet plane i have ever seen 5/12/09
8/15/73 21:00 South China (Three Mile Pond) ME Sphere 20 minutes Bronze, bright, silent light moves south to east over a lake in Maine. 7/4/12
8/10/73 14:50 Kenosha WI Disk 15 minutes Silver disk. 5/15/13
8/5/73 20:00 Victory Lakes NJ Oval 2 minutes Watched a large, silent,bright, whitish, oval object hovering, moving slowly left to right and then so fast upward we lost sight of it. 7/4/12
8/3/73 22:30 Schwetzingen (Germany)
Unknown 60 seconds A light traveling at a high rate of speed horizontally made a 90-degree turn straight up and disappeared. 8/5/12
8/3/73 22:00 Irvington NJ Oval 10 -15 min Seven eliptical shaped crafts 6 miles from Newark Airport Summer approx 1973 6/12/08
8/2/73 21:30 Charles City Co./Henrico (between; on Rt. 5) VA Cigar 5 min. Large cigar shaped, gray, porthole in front (illuminated), two search lights on underside front of craft. 3/19/09
8/1/73 13:00 Steubenville OH Cylinder 7-8 minutes Orange cylinder flying slowly at low altitude 10/10/11