National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1973
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/73 18:20 Burlington NC Disk 5 minutes Huge, clearly- defined saucer hovers at treetops 7/26/02
7/25/73 20:00 Milwaukee WI Unknown 1 hour UFO flew directly over our car at night without making any sound at all. There were 4 witnesses. 4/25/02
7/24/73 05:32 St. Croix Falls WI Diamond Ten Minutes I saw the crafts in the sky early in the morning over my neighborhood. 4/26/99
7/24/73 02:24 Blackfoot ID Triangle Approx. 4 minutes Smooth, rounded triangular object, stone grey, no lights or markings, dome on bottom, silent. 3/7/98
7/23/73 20:10 Nags Head NC Unknown 5 minutes Pulsing green light over the ocean horizon 10/30/12
7/22/73 19:45 Gilmanton NH Circle 30m. movement ove UFO was SW. to NE. AT 5, P. H. 1/17/04
7/22/73 09:00 Warm Springs OR Disk 30-60 secs. Craft with green beam over Warm Springs, Oregon 6/3/10
7/22/73 01:00 Kenosha WI Other 2 minutes Moving lights high in the sky 5/15/13
7/20/73 21:30 Salem IL Circle 5 minutes Object with string of red lights hovers over strip mall then moves over interstate highway before shooting into the sky. 11/28/07
7/20/73 19:00 Martinsburg WV Disk 5 - 10 minutes floating disc, numerous quick course changes, shortly afterwards aircraft seeming to "grid" search area. 3/11/06
7/17/73 21:00 Asheville NC Disk 4 minutes late at nite, huge object, hovered about 50 ft. above ground. saw windows on the bottom. with orange glow eminating from windows . 7/11/00
7/15/73 21:00 Dallas TX Circle 5 Min Stationary disk with lights circling the circumference of the object. 4/1/01
7/15/73 21:00 Cleveland OH Oval 3 to 5 mins Grey oval object with white lights rotating underneath. Object made no sound as it hoovered. Moved quickly 9/2/05
7/15/73 20:00 Connellsville PA Triangle 3-5 minutes 150 ft point to point gold flat triangle. 1/24/14
7/15/73 18:00 Poland OH Cone 5 minutes Apprx. time of Apollo return 1973, Poland Ohio, greyish dented, tapered cone shaped craft with lghts came 4/16/05
7/15/73 18:00 Columbus? OH Other 15 MINUTES? I was four years old, my brother was one year old. we were in our room when he saw it first. he said its mine, at least thats what it 9/2/05
7/15/73 16:30 Rochester NY Sphere 20 minutes While walking to another building for a lunch break, I and many other people saw this "craft" hovering over the city Of Rochester for 2 4/26/99
7/14/73 22:00 Dallas TX Oval 6 minutes Ufos report in Irving, Texas, at 2200 hrs. On or about July 1973 or 1974. 4/25/19
7/14/73 20:00 Lexington NC Oval 5 minutes My Aunt, Uncle, and myself witnessed an oval UFO while traveling in Uncles car. 12/2/00
7/14/73 01:00 Green Bay/Minomonee WI Other 20min Star wathing with telescope,and noticed star not moving with earth rotation,looked at and it looked like a dusty star with high peeks o 5/24/99
7/12/73 00:00 Norwalk CT Cigar 15 min Strange lights in Norwalk, CT 5/12/10
7/10/73 00:00 Bar Harbor ME Circle 45 mins Brilliant, white, perfectly round objects, jetting back and forth, up and down, in night skies. 11/21/10
7/8/73 20:30 Greensboro NC Cigar
Young boy spots UFO in North Carolina. 10/12/01
7/7/73 18:00 Odessa TX Disk 1 hour The Odessa Event 9/15/05
7/7/73 18:00 Odessa TX Disk 1 hour A 100 foot diameter,disk shape, dome top.The color was of stainless steel.It made no sound.This UFO came from the Odessa area, moved ou 9/15/05
7/7/73 18:00 Odessa TX Disk 1 hour Confirmation of Odessa, TX sighting in 1973 9/15/05
7/7/73 17:30 Portland OR Fireball 2 minutes My cousin and I were laying on our backs on a hill in front of my home - at about a 30 degree angle. Looking up at the night sky, talk 9/2/05
7/5/73 20:00 Stockton (intersection of I-5 and I-580) CA Changing 3hrs Witnessed numerous UFO's along I-5 from Stockton south to Tehachipi on busy holiday weekend. 2/14/08
7/5/73 15:00 Dryden (Canada) ON Sphere 20-30 seconds silver ball with a yellow ring at the mid piont of the sphere hovering and then departing south at a fantastic rate. 6/4/04
7/5/73 01:00 Powell WY
30 sec Powell, Wyo - 3 round fireballs going over our home traveling from south to north 07/05/1973 6/3/10
7/4/73 08:00 Oakcliff (in Dallas) TX Disk 10 min. Tellapathic communication with ufo at five years old. Disc came from the west coverd in moss for camoflage it stoped to hover almoast o 8/10/99
7/1/73 23:30 Three Rivers MI Other 15-20 minutes Yellowish/Orange object seen in early 70's SW Michigan. 11/26/14
7/1/73 22:30 Fort Huachuca AZ Other 10 minutes Three sightings in 13 years. 11/28/07
7/1/73 22:00 Saint John (Canada) NB Circle 1-2mins Bright white flash in NB Canada 2/14/06
7/1/73 22:00 Alabama (rural) AL Unknown 1 hour Extremely bright light in sky near power plant 5/15/06
7/1/73 22:00 Wolf Lake IN Light 2-3 min What I thought was an airplane flying at a distance, wasn't an airplane at all. 10/30/06
7/1/73 21:00 Macon GA Disk Under 1 minute GEORGIA UFO GROUP/MUFON (joint post)-Debriefing of Witness-Probable Wave of 1973 8/24/04
7/1/73 21:00 Richmond CA Other 20 seconds Three differently shaped, silent UFOs during two events, northbound over Richmond, California in early 1970's 1/17/04
7/1/73 20:00 Powell OK Sphere 3 seconds My mother and I saw a sphere of light travel through the house, while sitting watching TV. 2/18/01
7/1/73 20:00 Perth NY Light 15 minutes Bright orange glowing stationary object 6/12/08
7/1/73 13:00 Lake Hamiton / Sequoia National Forest CA Sphere ?? 1973 UFO Sighting And Missing Time In High Sierra 10/19/17
7/1/73 08:00 Gaithersburg MD Disk 30 seconds~ Black round obj with seq flashing green lights, 6-8 in wide viewed at arm's length, and seen in daylight -- and no wings! 7/11/00
7/1/73 00:00 Erie PA Light 1/2 hour War of the Worlds 2/1/07
7/1/73 Titusville PA Unknown
My grandmother awoke one morning to find a circular indentation, 10-15 feet in diameter, in the middle of her yard . 3/31/08
7/1/73 Dobson MT Disk 90 sec Dear Sir, I thought I would report to you that on Fort Belknap Indian reservation we see lots of low flying jets. Often their sonic boo 3/16/00