National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 03/1973
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/23/73 17:00 Sacramento CA Cylinder 20 seconds Slowly rotating cylindrical object ~75' above intersection 7/19/10
3/16/73 22:00 Reasnor IA Disk 1 hour Disc seen hovering above the clouds for an hour. 1/4/19
3/15/73 17:00 Hartford CT Triangle minute wedge shaped objects flying in formation over hood of car at dusk while driving on highway. 7/26/02
3/15/73 05:00 Inkster MI Fireball 5 minutes I watched a ball of fire, as it flew at a sustained altitude, across the sky going east to west 8/30/13
3/13/73 04:00 New Orleans LA Circle approx. 2hrs. My husband and I stopped early one morning on a highway to look at a bright object, the object was a large round silver thing. 7/1/02
3/12/73 02:00 Plain WA Other 3 hrs Flying cubes land, emit small shiny silvery spheres, and large 3-toed 'birdlike' footprints appear in snow. 9/2/05
3/1/73 20:00 St. Augustine FL Light 60 seconds White light flies into brighter white light and both go straight up. 5/4/04
3/1/73 10:30 Upper Hutt (New Zealand)
Circle 2.5 Hours The Object hung silently above our Town for almost 3 hours. Thousands of people saw it. 8/24/04
3/1/73 06:00 Winston-Salem NC Light 15 sec. Saw a fast moving light that perfomed an instantanious 90 degree turn and disappeared shortly thereafter. 10/30/06
3/1/73 01:00 Santa Fe (near, on highway) NM Unknown 10 minutes I had an Out of Body experience while driving down the road at night. 2/12/04