National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/1972
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/29/72 15:30 Monroeville AL Cylinder 15 seconds Fighter jet chasing object in the sky over south Alabama 2/14/08
10/25/72 20:00 Wellsville NY Disk 10 minutes Object seen hovering nearby. Very bright lights through ports. 9/6/02
10/19/72 08:00 San Sebastian (Puerto Rico)
10/17/72 21:00 New Albany (Floyd or Harrison County?) IN Disk unknown Looking for someone who recognize's this sighting "hayride on farm in Indiana" 3/17/04
10/15/72 17:00 Long Bink (Viet Nam)
Other 30-45 seconds Camouflaged UFO flew low and slow over military post 9/15/05
10/15/72 16:00 North Tarrytown NY Disk 45-85 secs Fall of 1971 or 1972 between 1pm and 4pm. Place: North Tarrytown, New York. I was 10 or 11 years old, playing in yard with younger b 2/16/99
10/15/72 08:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Oval seconds observed tarnished, oval shaped object with black symbols on side travelling south at a steady speed towards Lake Ontario 5/12/10
10/10/72 22:30 West Bloomfield MI Disk 2 minutes The UFO was so close, my battery in the car went to zero amps, stalling the engine, turning off my lights and radio. 8/14/07
10/10/72 19:00 Harlan County KY Circle 20minutes On october 10, 1972 myself,my 5yrs.daughter,2 neices and 2 nephews were playing tag in the back yard .When we looked over on the ridge 9/15/05
10/8/72 18:45 Eatonton GA Disk Unknown Craft had lighted panels which lit one at a time travelling counter-clockwise. 8/12/08
10/5/72 21:45 Fortuna (foothills) CA Sphere 1 & 1/2 HUGE ufo , spherical w/translucent force-field self illumined hour&1/2, 100's witness 8/24/10
10/4/72 22:00 Greenville/Florence SC Light 5 minutes I HAVE BEEN CHASED BY A HUG BRIGHT LIGHT BEHIND ME IN A CAR AND TRUCK AT NIGHT! 4/14/09
10/1/72 23:00 Pickens/Pumpkintown SC Chevron 30+ minutes Slowly moving boomerang shape with four bluish-white lights on each leading edge; made a humming sound. 8/5/01
10/1/72 23:00 Monroe WA Rectangle 15 MIN STOP AND GO THE SIZE OF A LARG CAR WITH NO WINDOWS 1/3/01
10/1/72 20:00 New Washington OH Oval 2 minutes White oval (thought it was a street light at first). 4/1/16
10/1/72 20:00 Mosheim TX Disk 20-30 minutes Classic saucer shape seen in the early seventies. 4/9/04
10/1/72 04:00 Denton TX Unknown less than 10 minutes but Slow moving object splits and one part sped away while the bigger part slowly moved in the opposite direction. 1/31/11
10/1/72 01:00 Potwin KS Unknown 2-3 hours Iwas abducted around age 7 or 8. They came will I WAS Asleep. they look into my room from the hall. They took me to a room. I think the 5/24/99
10/1/72 Sweet Home OR Unknown ufo Ligthning coming out of a cloud hovering, waves of clouds come out an going backin, no sound look at that? 1/10/09