National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/1970
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/30/70 22:00 Brantford (Canada) ON Disk 45 min. while watching the eclipse of the moon I noticed a light far out in the heavens that was quite larger and brighter then the other stars 2/12/04
5/20/70 23:30 Reading PA Triangle 10 minutes We saw this HUGE tringular craft with lights on each corner when I was 16, as it hoovered above us 8/5/01
5/18/70 02:00 Tampa FL Oval 3 seconds 2 Orange Luminous Oval shape objects side by side zig zagging at the same time as they moved forward very fast. 11/20/01
5/16/70 17:00 Vero Beach FL Oval 2 min My step-father and I were drining a coffee of coffee on our porch, waiting for my mother to get home from was still daylight 8/28/03
5/15/70 22:00 Galt (Canada) ON Disk 15 minutes Craft hoovering over trees 3/19/09
5/15/70 17:30 Bethany OK Disk 5-10 minutes We noticed a big, bright light shimmering, right in front of us, not too high in the sky. 1/25/18
5/15/70 16:00 Kansas City MO Light ten seconds A brilliant, greenish light that suddenly appeared within a grey cloud overhead. 5/14/02
5/5/70 19:00 New York City NY Changing 5 min. P.S.154 Sighting in the South Bronx 7/8/04
5/1/70 00:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Other 5 minutes Bronx, NY : It was a solid silver -colored pyramid, spinning 100 feet above Public School 54's yard 1/17/04
5/1/70 00:00 New York City (P. S. 54) NY Other 3 ninutes I and scores of others witness a silver pyramid spinning in place abourt 50 feet above the school yard. 1/17/04
5/1/70 15:30 La Grange IL Circle 30 seconds Saucer sighting 5/15/13
5/1/70 14:30 Oak Ridge TN Disk 3-5min. I was standing in front of my house with my friends when the glint of something mettallic caught my eye. I looked up and saw what I ca 4/15/00
5/1/70 03:00 Houston TX Disk 5-10 Minutes Saucer flew over house in Houston 4/1/01