National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/1969
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/15/69 20:00 Wilshire (405 Freeway, Northbound to) CA Sphere 1 minute Remember a sphere shape of pale orange, yellow color just hovering over the city. 8/5/01
5/15/69 20:00 Dallas TX Light 1 minute A light came toward us and stopped directly overhead. It stayed there a couple seconds then shot off very fast. No noise. 4/15/00
5/15/69 14:00 St. Louis MO Cigar 2min 1969 forest park , cigar , brownish gray color went of to the west 2/14/08
5/6/69 14:30 Arica (Chile)
Sphere 15 minutes Shocking experience in north Chilean Desert "The Sphere" 10/12/01
5/1/69 22:00 Estill SC Cigar 45 minutes shining object frightens SC family 2/14/06
5/1/69 20:00 Wheaton MD Disk 30 seconds large saucer-shaped object sighted in Wheaton, MD in late 1960's 1/29/02
5/1/69 12:00 San Diego (U. S. Naval Base) CA Oval 15min were on lunch break from navy school. saw a small white cloud and then a object caom out of it. then another came out. then flew straig 10/19/99
5/1/69 06:00 Ridgefield CT Unknown unknown Translocation and "knowing" I could fly onto elevated deck. 11/8/03
5/1/69 05:00 Youngstown OH Disk 30min woke one morning and for no good reason went to back door and witness a saucer above trees and below on ground a small saucer a unknow 2/22/02