National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1968
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/68 01:00 Putnam County NY Sphere 30 minutes I saw a small green orb that flew as if by intelligence. it changed my life for ever. ((anonymous report)) 9/22/16
7/30/68 23:00 Washougal WA Cylinder seconds Late 1960's: bright, white, cylinder-shaped light; no noise, shown twice--a few seconds each time on rooftop. 7/3/15
7/30/68 19:00 Metuchen NJ Oval 3-4 minutes Daylight viewing of low oval metallic object gliding toward a second identical object, pausing then simultaneously shooting skyward 8/10/18
7/27/68 20:00 Draffenville/Benton KY Disk 5 minutes red/orange disk shaped light seen at dusk 5/11/05
7/25/68 23:00 Freeport/Rockford IL Disk 10-15 minutes Late night brilliant round object following our car for several miles. 6/12/08
7/22/68 22:00 Brainerd MN Circle 10 minutes very bright light on surface of lake which traveled very quickly out of sight 3/31/08
7/21/68 14:00 Oakland CA Cigar 5 minutes Large object on a clear day completely vanished after hovering in plain sight 5/11/05
7/20/68 19:00 San Jose CA Circle 1-2 hours Disk, hovered over shoping center.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/20/68 15:00 Zell (farm outside of) SD Disk minutes small disk shaped object, weaving in between high voltage lines, 20 to 30 feet over my head, broad daylight, dull gray in color and emi 12/16/99
7/20/68 14:00 Cleveland Heights OH Oval 1 minute UFO object seen over Cleveland Heights Ohio during the sixties. 3/23/04
7/20/68 01:00 Des Moines IA Circle 10-20 mins a strange but non frigtening evet 8/5/01
7/19/68 23:00 Martinez GA Disk 25 mins Summer of 68 around 11pm.The moons glow so bright and the stars filled the night sky.

My family and I lived on a farm. With many liv
7/17/68 21:00 Edmond OK Disk 15 minutes A close look at an EM drive vehicle July 17, 1968. 2/19/16
7/15/68 23:00 Stillwater ME Fireball 3 minutes Large green luminous object appears in field, disappears suddenly into night sky. 5/15/13
7/15/68 22:00 Monterrey (Mexico)
Circle 10 minutes two brilliant circles of severals ligths of colours cross the sky in a summer nigth 8/11/04
7/15/68 22:00 Columbus MS Other 15 min. on the night a buddy and me saw said ufo, it was approx. 5 feet above power lines going only about 5 miles per hour. It had no visible 5/12/11
7/15/68 20:00 Houston TX Disk 20-30 minutes At the corner of South Main and Hillcroft, my mother, sister and I went to a stable to feed our horse. I was 9 years old. 2/20/15
7/15/68 19:00 Qui Nhon (Viet Nam)
Light 7 min 2 high altitude lights making oblique turns, starts and stops, and then shooting into space at incredible speed. 11/20/01
7/15/68 19:00 Marion (Silver Shell Beach) MA Other 10 mins When I was 8 years old I saw a grayish blue box maybe 150 to 200 feet in the air.

There seemed to be a door or square opening with s
7/15/68 18:00 Homeworth OH Triangle 5 - 10 minutes Triangular shaped craft brushes apple tree in Columbiana County,Ohio 6/4/04
7/15/68 07:00 Rosemead CA Cigar 20 min. Myself and my friend observed a cigar-shaped craft hovering in a field. We observed the phenomnon for twenty minutes the left the field 4/2/99
7/15/68 02:00 Seattle WA Circle 10 min It did not move or make any noise, the lights were very intense and pure in color, I will never forget it. 4/16/05
7/15/68 02:00 Phoenix AZ Light 4 hours? bright light, missing time 4/3/11
7/15/68 02:00 Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation NV Light 20min.(apprx) extremely manueverable pulsating white light over Pryamid Lk. shoots straight up into the heavens after investigating(?)the lake over 2 1/29/02
7/15/68 00:50 Bena VA Changing 3mt was walking inthe back feild when it was clear skie me and my brother sean ashadow look up sean a ship flying across the feild at tree 10/12/01
7/15/68 00:01 Norwich CT Diamond 2 min Too close to a 4 foot ET - was in kid's bedroom. TV picture went to snow. 11/19/98
7/14/68 21:00 North Little Rock AR Circle 15 Seconds UFO seen / chased by jets over Little Rock AR in late 60s. 8/28/02
7/13/68 22:00 Perth Amboy NJ Circle 2 minutes Hovering circular object over Perth Amboy Drive In 8/5/12
7/10/68 23:00 Quantico Marine Base VA Cigar 2 hours I was assigned as Duty Controller at CGAS Eliz. City, N.C. when the Duty Radioman called me with a report of UFO. 6/4/04
7/10/68 22:00 Aurora OH Disk 4 minutes My father and I saw a huge saucer shaped craft hovering over our front yard, then move away over the treeline. ((anonymous report)) 6/7/18
7/10/68 20:30 Tehran (Iran)
Diamond 20 second I was 6 years old when I saw a ufo diamond shape with gray color and purple light hovring in sky moving at first slowly and suddenly s 5/15/06
7/9/68 Nashville IN Cigar 8 minutes it was cigar shaped there were other witnesses it was silent and it appeared silver it hovered 8 minutes and disappeared in an instant 2/18/01
7/7/68 20:00 Augusta GA Triangle 10 minutes We saw a never explained dark large triangular object, hanging still and silently in the night sky over our backyard. 8/7/07
7/7/68 12:00 Houston TX Disk 15 minutes One man disk UFO paralyzing me in Houston Texas on Telephone Rd in the summer of 1968 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 6/12/07
7/6/68 01:00 Thomasville (USAF long range radar facility) AL
1 hour Air intercept between UFO and BOMARC missle test firing from Elgin field in Florida. intercept occured over gulf of mexico in 1968 (cla 11/19/98
7/4/68 21:00 Otis Air Force Base MA Light 20 minutes A high-altitude point-source of light was observed by telescope and binoculars for 15-20 min. by Air Force pilot officers from ground l 9/12/99
7/4/68 21:00 Otis Air Force Base MA Light over 1 hour Date correction of original sighting report (1968 not 1969) of UFO over Otis AFB; F-4s chased off UFO. 11/28/07
7/4/68 11:30 Tampa Bay FL Disk
We were crossing the Courtney Campbell Causeway in a traffic jam the causeway has a bunch of Brazilians for barbecuing and the beaches 7/31/15
7/3/68 20:30 Vega TX Disk 5 minutes Counter-clockwise "flowing" lights in Texas. 1/31/04
7/1/68 00:00 Hillsborough NJ Sphere 2 minutes I was about 8 playing on property dirt outside, when I saw 1 large, 1 med., and 1 small sphere multi colored objects. 3/11/16
7/1/68 22:00 Cincinnati OH Disk half hour + Fast moving craft over downtown Cincinnati riverfront 6/23/99
7/1/68 22:00 Santa Barbara CA Formation 5 minutes Five white lights hovering...Not weather balloons! 4/27/04
7/1/68 20:45 Salt Lake City UT Circle 2 min Reddish ball shaped objects. 10/31/03
7/1/68 19:00 New Castle PA Disk one hour Three types of UFOs in the summer of 1968 in Western PA. 9/17/00
7/1/68 18:30 Plantsville CT Light 2 minutes Large bright blue light in the sky 9/17/00
7/1/68 18:00 Tempe AZ Triangle 2 minutes Late 1960's UFO Sighting Tempe Arizona Triangle Formation Objects 12/23/02
7/1/68 18:00 Andersonville GA Disk I was young, ~8 yo. The fire jumped out the fire pit. As we were putting the fire out this Saucer flew over silently and I pointed. 3/24/16
7/1/68 16:00 Ranson WV Cylinder 2 minutes Orange cylindrical/hexagonal, motionless object, emitting no sound, above the tree line. A rod descended from the bottom. 8/29/16
7/1/68 03:30 Dallas TX Other 10 seconds Three shooting stars that were obivioulsy communicating with each other 9/15/05