National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 11/1967
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
11/20/67 21:00 Silver Lake OR Unknown 1minute Saw a small white light that increased dramatically in size, reduced to a small light, turned red and was gone. 8/5/12
11/15/67 23:30 Blaine WA Unknown 36 seconds UFO flyover during war games. 3/2/04
11/15/67 23:00 Fort Jackson SC Disk 15 minutes 2 soldiers obseved object while on guard duty. 3/10/17
11/15/67 22:15 Saratoga Springs NY Unknown 90 seconds Two lights hover over my house silently and then begin to drift away rapidly gaining speed disappearing in a split second. 1/25/18
11/12/67 21:30 Chicago IL Disk 30 - 60 seconds Saucer shaped, with 2 and a half portholes visible, a red light atop, and it moved away at high speed 9/15/05
11/11/67 20:00 Danang (Viet Nam)
Light 1 minute Bright object travelling across the sky made a sudden 90 degree turn. 4/16/05
11/10/67 19:00 Highway 71 between Clearmont, Missouri and Maryville, Missou MO Unknown 2-3 minutes Noticed a semi-circular array of white lights with a pulsing middle light. Observed object in southern sky. Actually heard propulsion 3/7/98
11/10/67 08:30 Liverpool (UK/England)
Cylinder 5mins the object just hovered very close to me with no sound silver and red like a plane with no wings 2/18/01
11/10/67 06:00 Fort Polk LA Unknown 5-10 inutes This was a UFO sighting by a military formation at Ft Polk, Lousiana in 1967. 6/23/10
11/2/67 22:00 Tiburon CA Teardrop 20 seconds Teardrop outlined in white light, three circular white lights in dark interior, silent. 8/5/01
11/1/67 21:00 Vaucouleurs (LorFrance
Light 2 min. Slow moving across sky, stopped and after about a half minute it shot directly verticle in elevation instantanously. 12/19/03