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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1995 01:00 (Entered as : 1995 1:00)
Reported: 4/27/2020 8:54:13 AM 08:54
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Carlisle, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 minutes
Summer 1995 I was 11 years old.

My dad had a big flash light that was really bright. One night I was outside shining the light into the sky. Just playing. A solid, unblinking light started going over me. would pass over.. then come back again. time it would get lower and lower. As it got lower, I noticed that there were 3 bold lights under this flying craft. The lights were in a triangle formation. They did not blink. The object had no sound. No wind. No vibration. When it got very low, I got little scared and went inside my house. I was spooked but interested.

I started including my friends and favorite cousin in this flash light activity. Everytime I "called" this flyinb object with the flash light.. it would come. My friends loved it. And so did I. We thought it was an alien.. we named it Monikiwoo. Please don't stop reading because of that. I'm not joking, I assure you. We were children, so of course we gave it a silly name.

As the summer went on, the object began showing up even when I didn't call it with the flashlight. One night in particular was terrifying. My cousin and I were swimming in my backyard after dark. Suddenly I heard my dogs barking, and seen them darting around the yard. A few moments later the familiar 3 lights came over the trees and to the pool. We hid under the biggest float. I will never, never forget seeing a bright light... light up the bottom of the pool. So bright that I could see the details on the liner of our pool. I do remember we heard something scuffling around the pool. But maybe it was the dogs.

Once the light left we bolted in the house. This is when I knew this thing was targeting my home and coming uninvited. My mother was very frightened and told me not to use the flash light anymore. Or go outside at night.

Fall came and I didn't see it anymore. But that following summer it was back.

Summer 1996. I was 12 almost 13. I was having a little slumber party with the same cousin and my best friend. The 3 of us liked to sit in the road late at night and talk. It's a small neighborhood with little traffic so that's why we could do that.

Anyways, we were talking. I looked up to see the 3 bold lights cruising between my house and our neighbors. Coming right over the houses, directly to us. It was lower than I'd ever seen before. Honestly, I'd say it was only a couple feet above the telephone wires. And again there was no wind, no sound and no vibration. It flew smooth. That's best way to describe it.

Size of the craft? Seeming as it was night time and I could only see its lights.. I can only give you a rough estimate. I'd say it was approximately 25 to 40 feet wide. The triangle of lights was probably about 10 feet wide.

Perhaps I can explain better if I can speak with someone on the phone.

Once the craft was over us, I did see 2 skinny and long lights flash different colors.. right before the 3 big lights suddenly burst light down on us.

Us girls all screamed and ran inside. We told my mom what happened. She could tell we were really scared. She called the Middletown Airport. They said they sometimes got reports from Carlisle of strange flying objects. I don't know about that. I only know what we experienced.

Afterwards, I wanted to be tough and go back outside. My friend, cousin and mom stood by the front door as I made my way back into the road.

I stood in the road looking all around the sky. Couldn't see the craft. I thought it was gone. I looked to my left, down the street. Under one of the street lights there was a tall, skinny guy walking fast. I just thought it was someone walking home from somewhere. But I still ran back inside.

We all stood at the kitchen window, which directly faces our road. The tall man walked by. He was much taller than I originally thought. Very thin. Long arms and legs. Dressed in a shiny black outfit. Outfit was tight fitting.

Most alarming was how he was walking. Very jolty. Sharp movements with his arms. And he was like stomping. He seemed robotic in his movements.

Naturally we all freaked out. Something inside told us this man was not human.

Later that night: We went to bed an hour or 2 later. My cousin and friend were sleeping vertically in the bed. While I laid horizontally at the foot of the bed. I was the closet to the window.

My window was always open with a fan in it back then. We didn't have air conditioning.

At some point I woke up because of a light in my eyes. Yes, the classic tale of a light beaming through a window.

I feel stupid when I do tell someone about this part of the story because I was the only one who seen it shining into the bedroom, and because I'm afraid people will think I'm lying.

The light had a gravitational pull. I rolled out of the bed onto the floor. It was like I moved in slow motion. The light seem to be slowing things down(?) It was strong.

I was pushing off the wall for leverage and reaching for my door.

My cousin and friend did not wake up.

When I finally reached my door and got it open.. the light disappeared and it felt like someone cut off a heavy stone that I had been pulling.

I got Mom. We moved my cousin and friend into the living room. We slept out there for rest of the night.

That's it.

It feels really nice to say it to an official place. I don't know what the flying craft was. Or the tall man. We still talk about it. All I know is it happened.

I will go to my deathbed wondering what that was.

Thank you so much.