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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/11/2020 21:13 (Entered as : 3/11/20 21:13)
Reported: 3/11/2020 9:23:34 PM 21:23
Posted: 5/1/2020
Location: Olathe, KS
Shape: Chevron
Duration:45 seconds
Chevron with no lights

Absolutely incredible.

There is another similar report to this one from Olathe a couple months back.

Chevron shape, front half was gray and reflective (a sheen or reflection), back half was very dark. Line straight thru the middle, following the path of the wings at the same angle of each. No lights. Maybe 500 to 1000 ft above. Perfectly quiet. Turned rapidly.

We both knew what we were seeing as soon as it was in the sky above us. It appeared as if it came out of a mist or clouds. Much like the previous reports on this site, it's almost like it knew it was being seen. It disappeared AS it turned.

It was breathtaking but now that I've seen one I could see it being government just as much as it could be aliens. Upon viewing, it felt "real", very high tech tech, it didn't "feel" sci-fi.