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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/1989 17:00 (Entered as : 1889 17:00)
Reported: 2/19/2020 9:39:16 AM 09:39
Posted: 2/25/2020
Location: Berry Creek, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:45 minutes
Child Abduction.

We went to go watch a football game at a local bar. I was 9. Dad stopped the truck to go walk up the hill to get the 4 wheel drive. Mom got out of the truck to view the stars. Came running back scared. Said there was something zipping around in the sky. She was very scared. She asked if us girls (3 of us) wanted to look. I was too scared. (not knowing that it had already made contact with my bottom right implant for Witness Protection) mom put me on the floor, put a jacket over my head gave me a mag lite flashlight to hold on to. My sister's all came back saying they witnessed it. Not long after this occurance, still age 9. I was playing outside and I seen electricity go through my two eyes. Right through the center. I herd a man claim to be Vladimir Putin. He said he was going to cause mass war, Confusion, Fly a plane into a building, then I herd other voices say that they were alkada. And some other stuff that I can hardly remember about kgb, boats, and stuff regarding Russia. Boot long after I said something bad to my mom. She said she was going to put a bar of soap in my mouth. Took me to the kitchen sink and shoved a bar of soap in my mouth. I was screaming in my head "mommy no" then I herd men come behind me saying that " this is Russia, don't talk and we mean in your head. Or we will kill you." The voices overlapped, they mentioned they were KGB. They showed me visions of horror.

I am at this point already in Witness Protection for a supposed unrelated incident. Regarding a pg&e utility worker. I heard during the abduction that pg&e would be involved. All these years later I had no recollection of the event because they threatened my mom. Showed me an image of her grusome death. At age 9 I screamed so loud I hoped out of my body and woke up on the floor. Mom woke me up. I remember telling her that it was Russia. I am an American Citizen. There is also something regarding my son. Who did pass away. They said they were going to make me kill my own baby. Showed me the back yard. Said right there in the back yard 30 years that they were going to make me spank him.

I got out of prison 2013, had no memory of this incident. I was on parole for a voluntary manslaughter. I spanked my child after my ex-husband made me move up to my property one hot summer. We had the flu my son passed away from dehydration. Did have severe bruising. 2014 I moved to Plearmo to get out of Chico cause I was using drugs. And started talking in my head for some reason. My Grandpa had just passed away. Then the worst torture began. I was being told how many ways they were going to kill me. Shooting me from the sky. I was in terror. They were saying many things about Former President Obama. They told me things about my own Children. The worst torture I incurred. This was mostly voices, and electric fry.The voices were grusom. Some time later after notifying the Secret Service As to what I Witnessed, they notified me that I was in Witness Protection. I also was frayed by PG&E claiming they were cal-wrap. When I remember when I was young and the KGK were threatening! me, they said they were going to Un-Wit me and that PG&E was involved.

I am federal Witness Protection. Not state, and pG&E is not cal wrap.i was molested in the bar by the pg&e utility worker.

I see visions about 911. I see albkaida suspects in my eyes or brain not sure how. I hear Gladimir Putin's voice constantly. I'm an American Citizen. Mom had electricity coming out out of her ears too one day she put it in my ear, I was being tortured then so my mind weren't all together. I need a interview with federal law enforcement. For prosecution of these individuals. Reported crimes committed against me to The Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Inspector General. And the Butte County Sherrifs Department.