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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/8/1976 20:00 (Entered as : 06-08-1976 20:00)
Reported: 9/18/2019 1:54:28 PM 13:54
Posted: 9/19/2019
Location: Hammond, IN
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 minutes
myseld and several witnesses encounter a glowing ball on a lovely summer night in about 1976

This happened when i was about 11 or 12 at a school yard in Hammond, Indiana. I'm reporting many years later. It was a lovely summer evening. Myself and several boys around my age were just killing time in a school building alcove we called the cage. It was covered by the building and had to open sides. The side nearest the parking lot and an open area of blacktop and school yard and a ball field. And just to our right or southwest of our location was an old tree. After going over these events over the last years I have always wondered why this particular tree was saved from being sawed down being it was the only tree around. They had even blacktopped around it. I know,having no proof,believe the tree was spared because other people may have seen what I saw and believed the tree had some significance. So as myself and my friends were sitting there on the beautiful summer night. I was the first to notice it. A glowing ball like object floating over the tree.It h! ad the same color white as you see in many scifi movies,that bright white light. Although my friends were scared of the object,i have always been very daring and I walked right up to it. My friends followed when they saw I was safe. I have to say, when I say I walked up to it, i mean I got closer, but before I could actually stand underneath it, it moved. Like a steak, very fast movement. I would characterize the movement as, zipping. Well it moved to the back part of the school the other side then we were that was considerable darker.We all followed in wonder. As we reached the new location it was situated a little higher then previously. About phone pole high. I could here some neighbors who had been out walking their dog, referring to the object. But I don't remember exactly what they were saying. But I do know they were acknowledging it. As I walked off to it's west profile,it started shrinking in it's space,and shaking. It reminded me of how small grass spiders shake their we when! I used to poke at them with small stick,or like when vehicles! travel very fast,they shake. By the time i realized that it wasn't shrinking in place but actually traveling away at the perfect angle to give the false impression. And just as I realized what was truly happening it was gone. We all went home and I told my mother who didn't believe me. So she called the oldest boy with us that night who was a very honest kid. He currently holds a position of prominence locally. Now I have never compared stories with any of the other boys involved. Other then my mothers phone conversation with the one boy.One boy has since passed. And when I did manage to run into one of the other viewers ,and remembered to ask about it. This one boy told me that severe alcohol abuse had removed all memory from that time.