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Occurred : 9/1/2019 10:00 (Entered as : 09/01/2019 10:00)
Reported: 9/17/2019 11:39:17 PM 23:39
Posted: 9/19/2019
Location: Taos, NM
Shape: Other
Duration:2 days
The Beings and Craft of Taos County.

((NUFORC Note: Given that the people named in this report have already been identified in a newspaper article, we have elected to leave the names of the participants in the report, in lieu of editing them out of the report, as we traditionally do. PD))

Mr. Josh Brinkley of Santa Fe, New Mexico/Northern New Mexico- Official Encounter Statement Sept. 01, 2019 -

My hunting partner, Danial Lucero of Santa Fe, New Mexico/Northern New Mexico- Official Encounter Statement Sept. 01, 2019 - My hunting partner, and I had been scouting Cerro De La Olla mountain in northern New Mexico for a couple days and were headed up to begin our elk hunt early on opening morning. I left ((male 2 in a good spot near the top of the mountain and headed up a bit further to mine. Around 9:30 a.m., after seeing no elk, I headed toward the small caldera on the peak of this mountain, which I know well. As I approached this caldera, I glanced to my left and saw two, identical figures standing side by side, looking either at me or directly away from me.

They stood on the other side of small oak trees or "scrub oak" so I could only see them from their waste up. Naturally, I thought I had run into a couple other hunters, but as I got closer to the edge of the caldera, I couldn't understand what I was looking at. They were about 35-yards from me and I could see them well. Their heads seemed bigger than a humans' and they seemed taller than an average man. I stepped down a small ledge, taking my eyes off them for a couple seconds. When I looked back they were still there, with black torsos and a silver cat- eye shape in the middle of what would be their chests or backs. Their heads seemed to be framed in by two half moon shapes. The one on the right was all black, the left one was a shiny white. I could see no eyes of any kind or facial features on either of them. Compared to the scrub oak, they seemed to be approximatelty 7-feet tall.

I repositioned on the other side of a bush, taking my eyes off of them for a few more seconds. When I looked back, they were gone. I was so close that I clould have talked to them. I walked to my left, then all around the bushes between us and the field near us, but the "beings" were nowhere in sight. I'm a logical person so I chalked it up to being the tallest, most identical, alien-space-suit-looking, super-hikers I'd ever seen. Needless to say, I was bothered and I quickly left the area to find Daniel. I reported to him that I'd seen (what I thought) were two hunters on the top of the caldera. Later that day, I confessed to Daniel that what I saw didn't look like two hunters. As odd as it sounded, I explained the details to him and that I thought I may have seen aliens. I could tell he didn't know what to believe. We seemed to laugh it off but it was on my mind all night.

Sept. 02, 2019 - The next day, we got up early and went to a different part of the mountain for our morning hunt. We walked for miles without seeing a single sign of elk or deer. We got back to the Jeep around 2:30 p.m. and drove past camp, headed to the northeast side of the mountain to try our luck there. We had been driving for about ten minutes on the road that works its way around the base of the mountain. Suddenly, we spotted what seemed to be a huge tent-like structure in the field in front of us. When we first spotted it, I estimate that we were about 1/2 mile away.

The road was very dry, mostly smooth and winding, with some straight-aways, random tight turns, and rocky patches now and then. Driving towards it, our speed varied from 15 to 40 mph. The first thing I said to Daniel was, "What the heck is that thing?" and I remember pointing at it. Daniel also saw it and expressed to me he had no idea what it was. We watched it as we drove. Seeing it, at first it looked like a huge circus tent: white in color with a black diamond shape on the top, near the point. The left side of the "tent" stretched far out, about 5 times the length (or possibly width) of the main part and seemed to be about 1/3 the height (if you were looking at a fighter jet from the side, jet pointing to the left, you would see the tail rudder sticking up on the right and the rest of the jet coming out to the left). We were unable to see the bottom of the "craft" or "structure" due to the rolling hills and winding road.! I thought it looked like a movie set, possibly a huge catering tent or base camp. We studied it for almost a minute.

As we got closer, we estimated this "tent" to be at least 50-feet tall and between 150-250 feet long (or wide). Neither one of us were alarmed and again using my logic, I assumed I was looking at a building or something man-made. Believe me when I say that my first thought was not , "Hey look! It's an alien ship." It didn't have many features and appeared to be mostly solid white. I could see some shimmering, as if part of the "stucture" had a sheen to it, with the black point on the top. As it was sitting out in a field, in a flat spot a bit lower than we were, we were unable to see the bottom of it.

As we drove, would see most of the "tent" but then as the road dipped, we would see around just the top, then another dip, we could see all but the bottom of it. We couldn't figure it out and I kept assuming it to be the movies. As we approched the "tent" (about an 1/8 mile), I was wondering to myself about the possible explanations for this "stucture". We dipped in the road again and as we came level, the "tent" had simply vanished in a matter of 3 seconds. A structure the size of a small school had just disappeared. There was no dust, no noise, no sign that it had ever been there.

You can imagine the words coming out of our mouths... we could not believe it! We looked all around but found nothing, so I slowed down as we neared the place where the "stucture" had been. Now we were speechless as Daniel and I kept looking back and forth at each other in shock. How could something that big just disappear? Both of us saw it and tracked it for quite a while during the car ride. Both of us saw that it had disappeared. We didn't know what to do. We continued a short distance down the road, then I pulled over, staring up the road, and looking back and forth at Daniel. Over and over we asked each other if that really had just happened. My brain hurt. We couldn't make any sense of it. I felt a little numb. We talked about what we'd just seen as we scanned the field for about an hour, but found nothing. Frustrated and confused, we headed back to camp and even spent the next few days hunting...if hunting is what you want to call it. For me, it was more like pacing around the mountain thinking about alien space ships. We spent all of our time together questioning and talking about what we had seen, constantly asking each other if it was real and if it actually had disappeared.

We knew the answers and they scared me. My friend, Bill Fenstermaker, sent me a number to a UFO hotline. When I finally called, I spoke with Mr. Davenport who was very helpful with directing us on what to do next. On Friday, 09/06/2019, I called the Taos, NM, news office and spoke with Staci Matlock. We drove into town and spoke with her in person. She seemed very interested so I located on the map where this encounter took place and shared with her everything that I remembered. I was a bit nervous telling our story, but I felt like it needed to be recorded. I believe that the "beings" on the top of the mountain and the possible "mother ship" that we saw, were from another dimension. Maybe they're from outer space, or maybe someone isn't telling us everything. I am now a believer.

Joshua Brinkley September 17, 2019. Do not edit without consent from Joshua Brinkley.

((NUFORC Note: We have spoken on two occasions with the author of this report, and we have found him to be both eloquent and seemingly serious-minded. We suspect that he is an excellent, and reliable, witness. PD))