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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/14/2019 10:00 (Entered as : 9/14/19 10:00)
Reported: 9/15/2019 11:06:53 PM 23:06
Posted: 9/19/2019
Location: Tacoma, WA
Shape: Light
Sighting Report Occurred : 7/25/2019 00:20 (Entered as : 07/25/2019 0:20) Reported: 7/25/2019 1:13:39 AM 01:13 Posted: 7/25/2019 Location: Renton, WA Shape: Light Duration:15 minutes Unusually bright star-like object low on horizon near city.

Unusual bright "star" which I viewed out my window while seated on the couch. Caught my attention because it was unusually bright, being near the horizon. I looked at it out the window for several minutes, then went out onto my front stoop, where it very slowly moved out of sight. It did not appear to be over my neighborhood, but rather, it seemed closer to SeaTac airport or perhaps over Fairwood/Kent. There was no noise. It appeared to pulsate.

I see this exact same thing from my porch frequently. I live in Tacoma and it is always in the northern sky, almost like it is flashing prismatic light, and then suddenly diappears. We joke it is probably just another one of Elon Musk's experiments. The object definitely doesn't behave or move like anything we are familiar with.