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Occurred : 9/7/2019 23:40 (Entered as : 09/07/19 23:40)
Reported: 9/13/2019 4:20:30 AM 04:20
Posted: 9/19/2019
Location: Rochester, WA
Shape: Circle
Duration:30 minutes
ufo followed me home and parked on my property!

I was driving home from Centraila, Wa ,about 11:30pm. I got off I-5, and took exit 88 highway 12 west, toward Rochester, WA.

I stopped at the 1st light, and saw what I thought, were weird light reflections in the clouds, they were pale yellow orbs bouncing all over the sky, my husband said they were most likely from a spot light. As we drove farther west I noticed that the orbs were just to the south of us about a mile or so and were brighter, and were closer together now traveling a little ahead and to the southwest of us, as we entered the town I realized this was one ship, and the lights were much brighter although still above the clouds, we made a left, and then turned back west on our street, I thought the object was still in town.

Our road is curvy, and as I made the second curve,I almost wrecked the car! I caught sight of the craft just to the left of me and a bit ahead.

I almost wrecked the car! we were the only ones on the road and the object was now just above the clouds, and you could see 6 white lights rotating in a pattern and 4 red lights that spun, then the white lights ran to the inside or center of the craft, made a star formation,then reversed direction and made a circle around the center star like light.

This thing stayed in the cloud cover, never coming out into the bare sky, so I never saw the whole thing.

As we took a left into our driveway and parked, the craft stopped and hovered, literally, 200 feet above us and 100 feet next to us, just above our pasture.

the lights slowed down, and as we got of the car, it looked like it was coming down, by the way it made no noise, had no wind there was no engine noise at all! at this point we both decided it was best to get inside.

We got the dogs out of the kennel, and took them in the house, they had been raising holy hell, and were franic! I decided to go out side and see if the craft had left, it was no longer at the front of the property and I did not see it at first.

This made me feel better and I walked out to the street and headed west to see if I could see where it went, as I walked up the road I looked to the left and looked out at our pasture, and saw at least, 25 rays of light pointing up to the sky, they were like spotlights and were bouncing all over the place! the craft was now on the ground behind the barn so I could not see it, but I knew there were no lights out there like that! I took off for the house and told my husband we needed to leave, he agreed and we got the dogs loaded and took off down to the next cross street, we turned left to go to highway 12 and the craft went right over us heading due west, and then it just disappeared! I am still shaken up, and just a bit afraid they will come back.

A car was parked at the corner of the cross street and moon road and he had a cell phone in his hand so someone got it on camera, The whole encounter lasted 30 mins,