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Occurred : 7/23/2015 02:30 (Entered as : 07/23/2015 2:30)
Reported: 8/21/2019 4:54:08 PM 16:54
Posted: 8/23/2019
Location: Diablo Lake (near Ross Lake), WA
Shape: Light
Duration:25 minutes
Campers encounter multiple UFOs Diablo Lake Washington 2015

It's the summer of 2015 in Northern Washington state. Myself and four other friends are camping at Diablo Lake near Ross Lake Dam. We camped at the Diablo Lake Camp ground which is located right off of highway 20. This camp spot sits at the bottom of two big mountains on either side. The lake sits in the valley and the camp is on its shore. When you're on the beach looking up there is a large mountain in front of you. Our intention of the trip is to get away from the city by going into the mountains to avoid light pollution so we can stargaze.

We spent the whole day exploring the area and playing in the water. By dusk we had settle down around a fire we built on the beach. The beach came to a point and made a small peninsula out into the lake. We gathered at the end of the beach and started to look upwards.

This was probably around 1030 or 11, as it was mid summer around July and it doesn’t get dark till late in Washington. By around 230, we had been getting familiar with all the stars and planets, satellite’s in the sky. It was a beautiful night very clear until the early morning.

Someone spotted an object flying over head and pointed to it. We all turned and looked identifying the object. At first glance it resembled what a satellite would look like. However, we had seen many satellites already and this object seemed larger and brighter.

So to compare lets say a satellites brightness is on average that of a small stars brightness. Then this object was about twice as bright closer to one of our brighter stars. It seemed to be either traveling very fast or was very far above the earth (like a satellite) this can make it hard to judge distance with all the stars in the background.

It was completely silent as it flew over us. We noticed it and tracked it over head as it started to pass beyond us. This was around 6-10 seconds; as it moved south from us it instantly disappeared.

Impressed we all looked around at each other slightly shocked. Instantly we began to try and debunk what we had seen was it a satellite or maybe the space station! (Once when i was growing up my family and i watch a space shuttle dock with the international space station.) We all puzzled over how fast it was moving and how it might have disappeared.

This is when things get a little weirder.

We continue looking up and chatting about what we had just seen. Soon after this someone spots something in the distance. Its two lights at the end of the lake south from where we were and in the direction in which the the object had been traveling. They are on the other side of the highway near the bridge at bottom of the valley. These lights are strange one is white and the other is red and they appear to be dancing or bouncing around. They are about 1/4 mile away and at first it was hard to tell how big these lights were. They moved through the trees up the hillside and back down around and on top of the water.

All of us watched this in aw. Amazed and confused we tried to speculate what we were seeing. Soon a car drives by. The highway comes down one mountain crosses the bridge and and goes up the other side. As the car passes the bridge we realize how big these lights actually are.

To compare these lights were about 4 times bigger than the amount of light made by the headlights of the car. To be clear they were not 4 times as bright. They just filled a lot of space with a medium brightness of light. Its hard to explain. They also seemed somewhat sphere shaped or had a sphere shaped core which imitated light in all directions. Like i said it was to faraway and to obscure to make out any details.

This continued for a couple minutes at which time we began to be slightly concerned about what we were seeming. The relationship to the car really put into prospective that something strange was going on.

After a couple minutes the lights went away back into the trees out of sight.

We all went back to looking upwards now our curiosity peaked by what we had just seem.

From the same direction the lights were coming from an object appears in the sky. It's low maybe 1000ft above the ground traveling north parallel to our orientation. It is below and in front of the mountain before us. It was hard to tell if it had a shape, all i could make out was a bright white light that enveloped the whole craft. Brighter than any star and comparable to the brightness of the full moon.

It was moving slow and consistently across the sky.

As it go closer to us i stepped towards it with my friends behind me. I asked it a question like do you come in peace or something silly like that. The object instantly became twice as bright, like a big flash.

Shock i turned around to my friends saying can you believe this $h&! .

I turned back to the craft and asked it something like are you hear to meet us. And craft flashed again just like before.

We all watched in utter amazement giggling in disbelief. The craft passed the mountain and vanished.

This is where this story gets more personal. The rest of this can be verified with the other people i was with however what happens next only happened to me.

As we turn to talk about what ever it was we just say i begin to have a very strange sensation. While the rest of people are talking i wonder off and voices start talking to me in my head. However it's not someone else’s voice, it's my own. It's like i was talking to myself in my head but there was another me talking too. This voice keep asking if i would like to be contacted.

(this next part is hard to for me to explain) The hair on the back of my neck stood up and then i began to have essentially flash backs but not into the past, into the future. I got the sense that i was being shown all the possibilities that were available to me. In seconds i saw hundreds of different ways this could happen or not happen.

This was quite the experience already and i quickly realized that my friends and i were mentally not prepared to handle something like that. I adamantly said no to direct contact out of fear of the unknown.

(Slightly bummed about this in retrospective) This all happened in a number of seconds. As soon as it was over I immediately told all my friends.

As im describing all this one of my friends gets a similar sensation telling him to lay down and look up.

While the rest of are talking, he say that sky opened up with blue light as an object accelerated at extreme speeds out of sight.

He gets up and exclaims did you see that! We all sit by the fire amazed and confused. We talk for another couple hours. Hashing out all the details. We left the next morning.