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Occurred : 3/28/2019 01:00 (Entered as : 03/28/2019 1:00)
Reported: 3/28/2019 12:45:13 PM 12:45
Posted: 3/29/2019
Location: Helena, MT
Shape: Light
Duration:~1 minute
Strange lights and colors along with rumbling/zapping sounds over a house in the rural valley.

I had a terrible anxious feeling while streaming Youtube, and suddenly turned it off .

Almost immediately afterwords, a light seemed to appear over the house, (where there are no lights, this is out in the rural valley). It was so bright that it completely flooded the room and had the color of a fluorescent bulb.

My partner came into the room, and we stood to look out the window together.

The light came and went along with green and blue lights and a small amount of red light.

We opened the window to see if we could hear anything, and there were rumbling sounds that were like distant thunder (but constant), and then a very loud zapping sound, as if from an electric wire snapping and what appeared to be flashes like sparks above the house.

Several more times the bright flashes of colors and white light appeared until we ran out of the room to wake up my family. By the time they came to look, there was no sign of any lights, any sounds whatsoever and the sky appeared to be a pink color. (this was at night)

We were initially worried a transformer exploded somewhere or that there was an attack or something. It was snowing at the time, but no reports of thunder/lighting or any grid issues in the area.


Thanks a bunch! I also decided that you are free to use my name for this report. I'm having my boyfriend submit one when he gets home.

Also, of note: Just found out that all of our power sources are buried out there, so it couldn't be a transformer blowing.

Also, my father heard the loud zapping noise from the other side of the house, but couldn't see the lights from where he was.


((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and she seemed to us to be quite sincere, and sober-minded. We suspect that she is a highly reliable witness. PD))