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Occurred : 3/23/2019 16:00 (Entered as : 03/23/2019 16:00)
Reported: 3/23/2019 2:27:38 PM 14:27
Posted: 3/29/2019
Location: Columbus, OH
Shape: Changing
Duration:45 minutes
Cloudless sunny afternoon sighting of 3 large fireballs and many smaller ones seen through binoculars.

My daughter called for me to come outside because her and her sister could see something strange in the sky. When I went out I saw 3 orange-ish balls of light in a rough isosceles triangle. I immediately sent my daughter back in to get her father and the binoculars. When they came out my husband looked through the binoculars and exclaimed that there were many smaller ones too. We all took turns looking and there were roughly 50 smaller ones between the bigger 3 that were nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.

At first glanc,e the large ones looked like stationary explosions, but through the binoculars you could see them moving in place at different rates. They looked eerily similar to what protein folding looks like. We got out our telescope and kept observing until we couldn't see them anymore. They slowly spread out but still stayed in a rough triangle.

Eventually, we could only see one, and then none. This was all during a cloudless sunny afternoon.