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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/22/2018 20:30 (Entered as : 072218 20:30)
Reported: 2/24/2019 4:30:29 PM 16:30
Posted: 2/27/2019
Location: Matsusaka (Japan),
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 seconds Max
Triangle shaped object moving rapidly sighted in near the Pacific Ocean in Central Japan.

Triangular shaped craft sighted in Japan LOCATION: Northeast of Matsusaka, Mie Japan approximately 1.0 km (estimated) from the Pacific Ocean. Driving on Route 23.

SEASON: Summer, 26 degrees Celsius TIME: 20:30 hours (8:30PM) approximately.

Visibility: Clear skies, Night.

OBJECT: Triangular shaped (Black?). No Lights other than glowing exhaust. No sound.

BACKGROUND: I am a retired USAF veteran who has worked on the flight-line and worked with, and seen most fighter jets and other cargo craft in the conventional inventory including the U2, and the SR-71 at that time. I left the Air Force in 1991. This object resembled nothing I’ve ever seen before.

SIGHTING: I was driving southwest on route 23 that generally parallels the Pacific Ocean. At approximately 8:30 PM, dark but clear skies, I was approaching an intersection with a stoplight about 300 meters ahead. While my vehicle (van) was decelerating and still in motion, I saw an object moving rapidly to my left through my front windshield.

DESCRIPTION: The object was triangular in shape and moved extremely fast.

The craft was positioned about 30 degrees high off of the horizon. It moved from my 12 o’clock position to my 9 o’clock position. It covered the length of my windshield in approximately 2-3 seconds where there after it completely vanished.

The flight path followed a straight line with about a 5 degree descent.

DETAILS: The exhaust port glowed with a bright orange color. Because of the brightness of the glowing exhaust I could barely make out the shape of the craft and it appeared to be triangular in shape. I could not estimate the size of the object because it was dark and there were no structures with which to reference it with. (I will say that from my perspective in the van it was almost about the width of a dime held at arm’s length) SOUND/LIGHTS: The object had no blinking lights, nor did it make any sound.

DISTANCE: I would estimate the craft to have been 1km away from my position, but this a general guess based on the clarity of the glowing engine (exhaust port).

When the craft vanished, it was high enough off the horizon that no mountains, houses or other structures could have obscured it. In addition, the skies were clear and I could not see any clouds.

When I reached the intersection, I had a clear view of the sky and its former flight path. I watched for a very long time and the object never reappeared.

OTHER: There is a Japanese Self Defense forces helicopter base about 12km south of the location of the sighting, however they only fly helicopters. No Jets are flown from there and there are no civilian airports nearby.

I have two American friends who have also witnessed triangular shaped craft within the same area. One is an aeronautical engineer.