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Occurred : 1/30/2019 07:10 (Entered as : 01/30/19 07:00)
Reported: 1/30/2019 7:28:11 AM 07:28
Posted: 2/1/2019
Location: Snohomish, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes now
Two stationary dots in the vicinity of the moon.

Hello Peter, I've heard you on Rense several times. 7:10 AM, I am in Snohomish. Looking at the waning crescent moon in the south-southeastern sky, at 1-1/2 fingerwidths out at the 7 o'clock position is a dim dot, I presume Venus. Three fingers east of this dim dot is a much brighter dot, stationary now for at least 15 minutes. Possibly an unusual planetary configuration...? --I tried taking a photo with my cellphone, and the bright dot is visible in it. There is also in the photo a chemtrail running near the bright dot and a second about equally bright dot near the first one, neither of which is visible to the naked eye. --7:19 now, and both "dim Venus" and the bright dot are still visible in the dawn light. --7:26, the bright dot is still visible. Could it be that the bright dot is Venus and it just happens to be extraordinarily close and/or bright, and the dimmer visible dot is another planet which just happens to be by coincidence very close to ! the moon?

((NUFORC Note: Planets, Venus and Jupiter?? PD))