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Occurred : 1/25/2019 18:20 (Entered as : 01/25/19 18:20)
Reported: 1/26/2019 10:15:49 PM 22:15
Posted: 2/1/2019
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:5-10 minutes
Red & Green Blinking lights (Airplane imitation) & Later A Red & Green Alternating Light Craft.

1/25/2019 Green and Red Light Sightings, Seattle, Washington. The First UFO I was driving home on I-5 North-bound, just South of Downtown Seattle coming from the West Seattle Bridge. This was bout a week or a little more after the Alaska Way viaduct closed, so all the North-bound traffic was backed up on I-5, on top of the usual slow rush hour traffic of the Seattle area. Barely creeping along, often stopped completely, I sat in what looked like a river of red lights in front of me. Having little better to do than to look out my windshield and wait for the traffic to move, something out of the ordinary caught my eye. It had red and green blinking lights on it, much like the airplanes that are frequently passing over Seattle to land at the Sea-Tac Airport South of the city. What was different about this is that it was not moving, it was sitting stationary in the same place in dark sky.

I watched this object blink with red and green lights like an airplane for several minutes, and it definitely did not move. It was sitting in the sky, close to street lights, maybe a little bit higher, directly above the freeway packed with hundreds of cars. When I got closer to it, it was still in the same place, I just watched it carefully, and it was not attached to a tower, (it was a little way south of the downtown skyscrapers), and not something attached to a street light either. When I got close enough to try to capture a video of this object while I was stopped, but then the cars in front of me started to move again, so I had to move forward. Just after I stopped again and got a good look at this object with red and green lights, it was still in the same spot, but it started rotating and I saw its white headlights at least twice. After two or three rotations it started to slowly fly away from me, and disappeared over a hill to the southeast of where I was. This was ! odd to me because all of the other planes I observed that night flew southward, toward either Boeing or Sea-Tac airports. Because it started moving shortly after I was about to started filming, it would have looked like a normal airplane moving through the night sky.

My feeling is that this object was a 3D hologram projection that looked like an airplane, but was most likely an alien craft in reality. It was probably able to sense when I was about to start filming, and then it started moving after that. I feel that it could have also been an ET craft with occupants aboard who were aware of me, and wanted to show me what they can do and/or give me a sign. I have absolutely no idea if any other drivers or people in the area saw this object. Multiple airplanes flew overhead while this object sat stationary in the air, below the level of the other planes. Again, it looked like an airplane with a red and a green light that would blink every second or so.

The Second UFO Later this evening, I was walking my dog in my neighborhood in Northeastern Seattle, when I looked up into one area of the clear night sky, I saw another unidentified object, also with red and green lights. This second one appeared a lot like a large star in the sky, less radiant, but still colored light, but with alternating red and green lights, where the the earlier one had blinking red and green lights. This second object also looked like one spherical light of alternating red and green, never dark. I watched this object for at least a minute, and it was not moving through the sky, not like an airplane would. When I got to a spot where I could try to film it with my iPhone, I zoomed in and could pick up something faintly, but then it started moving away from me, in a similar fashion as the earlier object. As it was moving away from me in a northwestern direction, it was no longer green, and became a red blinking light.

Both of the unidentified flying objects I witnessed on this night, of January 25th, 2019, hovered and moved silently as far as I could tell. Both moved very smoothly through the sky, and both seemed to know when I was watching and trying to film them. I am certain these red and green lighted objects were not ordinary terrestrial objects, I have lived in Seattle all of my life and am very familiar with how airplanes and satellites look in the night sky.