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Occurred : 8/15/1996 23:00 (Entered as : 8-15-1996 23:00)
Reported: 11/1/2018 8:33:13 PM 20:33
Posted: 11/9/2018
Location: Austin, IN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
Huge Triangle shaped craft seen with lights coming on and off, possible lost time, weird anomaly of not talking about it at the time.

Female friend and I were standing on her porch in a very rural area near Austin, IN, (between Austin, IN and Crothersville, IN) around 11:00pm in the fall of 1994 in the fall. We were talking and saying goodbye, and all of a sudden we saw 4-5 white lights come up to the south east. I originally thought these were helicopters since I saw round white lights shining down and I attempted to make it fit my reference frame, as we have had helicopters looking for pot, etc in that time – the problem was it was night time and there was no way they were really doing that at night. Also, there were no sounds – I’d never seen a helicopter that made no sound – I thought in my head this must be special military aircraft. I then was trying to look closely and finally the lights went out. Then all of a sudden, lights came on the southeast area and the straight east, shown above the tree line across the road from the house, 5 or more round white lights were shown. I looked closely, again, trying to understand the context of the lights, they began to change color – purple, green, yellow, white, etc. She and I never spoke. Then, the lights shifted, turned white, and shone up and I was able to see that this was a huge craft. Triangle shape and very large – length and height. As the lights shined up on the craft, it looked like landscape lighting shining up on a very large building and was above trees at a height over 70 feet I assumed 500 feet long. As I looked closer, I saw this craft was huge as the lights shown up the sides and showed the huge shape – my frame of reference was the tree line. After a short minute, the craft moved forward (south) and I could see the triangle shape of the monstrous building size craft more clearly. Then the lights went out and I could not see the craft any more.

Then small white lights came on and they moved on (about 5-10 of these) and move on south – the triangle craft was gone and only the ligh! ts left – like they quickly shot out of the craft then the cra! ft was g one leaving the lights. Like the craft disappeared or turned into the small lights. The lights then blinked out and then disappeared to the south. I then regained my senses and looked at my friend. She was still “fixed” on the scene and didn’t respond to me. I looked at my watch and looked for any missing time, but didn’t at that time detect any. But, I did notice that it seemed like I had a “bad edit” ( I heard that in a later discussion) because I really was lost for a minute. My friend and I then went back to talking like nothing happened. We did not mention it. I then drove back to my house a few miles away, and checked my watch again looking for any lost time. I didn’t notice any. When I got home, I called her and said “Did you see that?” She then said to me, “Did you see that, too?” It was so odd that we both ignored it at the time although was very profound, but then noticed the importance later. As I heard the description of sightings or abductions as “ba! d edits”, this fit that description exactly. Although I have had other memories, this is the detail I remember in general. Sorry it took so long to report. Again, I can’t explain why I haven’t. I did tell my sister about it the day after it happened and she remembered our conversation.