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Occurred : 6/25/2018 22:00 (Entered as : 06/25/18 22:00)
Reported: 7/18/2018 2:32:08 PM 14:32
Posted: 7/19/2018
Location: Delran, NJ
Shape: Light
Duration:3 minutes
sighting of a white, star-like light move across the sky, blink red twice, and disappear

I believe that it was between 10 and 11 that I’d seen the UFO as I was stargazing.

It gave off the impression that it was at high-altitudes, given the object was so small I thought it was a star at first and my eyes were playing tricks on me when I’d noticed it move.

It traveled at a such a slow, steady pace diagonally across the sky that I ruled out the possibility of it being a plane, along with the fact that it was just a white little orb shaped light. I followed it with my eyes for a few minutes before it stopped, blinked red twice, and disappeared.

One must also note that I’d had an encounter exactly like this in February, if I can recall correctly, in the same location, only with two witnesses; myself and my brother