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Occurred : 7/16/2018 23:00 (Entered as : 07/16/2018 23:00)
Reported: 7/16/2018 10:53:18 PM 22:53
Posted: 7/19/2018
Location: Trinity, AL
Shape: Light
Duration:~20min that I watche
The lights were seen no more than three at a time. I had actually first seen them at the beginning of this year on my own. I am 54 yr old and not unfamiliar with a phenomenon. Although when I saw this at the beginning of the year I was in the dark outside my home parked on the lawn and enjoying time in the car to collect my thoughts. As tonight no outdoor light was on and we, my grandson and I, He is 14 had cut off the light in the living room adjacent to the front porch we were sitting on. I said look and as I did, see the lights.

They looked like horizontal lines yet it is like they expanded and flashed out to where ever they floated. They first appeared to be up near a power line hight then up by the treetops just about 30yds from us. Then they proceeded to go up higher and then came back down and when just across the street near my neighbor's house close to his bedroom window at the side of his house then back in his orchard. His property is about 2 acre the orchard being directly around and behind his home. Then the lights were back up in the sky just across the street. Then the length and depth of the lights grew longer or flashed out further. The lights flashed to the right and to the left at times was just in the sky shining out toward, I don't know what. When I was in my car at the first of the year they can near to the front of my car, the side of the car and the back of the car flashing light toward me in the car.

Tonight it was flashed toward my grandson and I. I just had to know if others ! have seen the same thing before. I would not see the lights moving as much as just appearing and disappearing and reappearing somewhere else. Always the lights seemed to be blinks of fireflies but I knew they were not and they where a line though flashed out. In the beginning, this year when it happened it was as if someone were taking pictures. Then tonight it was if that was what was happening.