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Occurred : 6/30/2018 22:05 (Entered as : 06/30/18 22:05)
Reported: 7/4/2018 11:26:21 PM 23:26
Posted: 7/5/2018
Location: Newbury Park, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:45 minutes
Five colored orbs seen over Newbury Park, CA.

This incident occurred in Newbury Park, CA on Saturday June 30th 2018. I went outside to move my vehicle from the street to my driveway. On my way back into the house, a blue light in the eastern skies caught my attention. Initially, it looked like an electric blue disk heading west at roughly the same speed as a Cessna aircraft. Judging the object’s velocity, altitude, and size accurately is difficult as there is nothing to compare it to in the 10:05 pm skies. Because this object reminded me of another sighting that I had 6 years earlier, I ran inside, grabbed the 12mm x 50mm binoculars to get a quick glimpse as I wanted to rule out airplanes, satellites, drones, etc.

What I saw amazed me. The object looked like a translucent electric blue orb, no defined outline. My GUESTIMATE is that the object was 30-50 feet in diameter and very roughly 1000-1500 feet above me. I then ran into the house, grabbed my night vision monocular and proceeded to track the object. I was tracking its trajectory in relation to the (stationery) stars. To my surprise, the object turned to the south. I concluded that satellites don’t turn, at least not sharply. Then, I remembered that I had a cell phone in my pocket, so I pulled it out a recorded a lousy/shaky video before losing sight of it as it went over the roof of my house.

Shaken up and puzzled over what I had just witnessed, I sat in my backyard for a few minutes to gather my thoughts when I look up and I see a red orb in the east heading west, same size, shape, speed, and elevation as the first one. Then, I sat in the backyard, where I have a much better view of the western skies and tracked the red orb with my night vision monocular for about 15 minutes. It headed west. It then turned north and back to the east. Having no clue what the objects are, I started to panic. So, I went inside for a drink of water and to calm my nerves.

After a few minutes, I went outside to check the skies to check for additional orbs. Directly above me, I saw a red orb following a green orb. The red orb was approximately 6-8 “orb lengths” in back of the green orb. I took my eyes off of them for about 5 seconds to grab the binoculars and when I looked up the red orb was in front of the green orb by quite a bit. The red orb had stopped, while the green orb proceeded forward toward the red one. When the green orb reached a position that is parallel to the red orb’s position, the green orb stopped and the red one proceeded to move forward. Again, I followed the red orb, but this time with my binoculars, but for only about a minute. I then abandoned the red orb to investigate the green orb, however, it was nowhere to be seen.

After the orbs had disappeared, I scanned the skies with my bare eyes for 10-15 minutes when I witnessed something incredible. To the north-north east (NNE) of my location, approximately 1 to 1.5 miles from my location, a blue orb (30-50 feet estimated diameter) ascended from the ground (exact location is unknown as it was dark), in plain view. I immediately called my wife. She came out running and witnessed the orb ascending. We both looked at the orb thru the binoculars as it ascended to the same location where the other orbs had previously been. It seemed to undulate as it rose. It ascended faster than a helicopter, about 2 times faster.

This entire incident lasted approximately 40-50 minutes. After this incident, I conducted extensive investigation looking for answers. I searched the internet for local events that involved the release of balloons, local newspapers, local news organizations, looked at the local high school website for weather experiments or other events (high school is closed for the summer), sales events, searched the MUFON and National UFO Reporting Center for new, but similar reports, NOAA website, visited Youtube to see if anybody has posted anything about this specific incident, but no luck. As of yet, I have no answers as to the identity of these objects.

Being a scientist, I explored many possible explanations for what my wife and I witnesses. Two possibilities: (1) colored weather balloons with a source of light inside and (2) drones. After careful consideration, I dismissed these explanations as weather balloons don’t stop on a dime, especially when a nearby balloon is in motion. Weather balloons don’t maneuver intelligently. Secondly, drones return to their launch locations. These objects never returned back to where they came from. Large drones tend to be loud. No sound was heard while the orbs maneuvered above us and no sound was heard when the last orb ascended not far from our location.

My search for answers did reveal a Youtube video that shows similar orbs that appeared above Newbury Park, CA, some 5 years ago. Here’s the link: