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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/22/2018 01:30 (Entered as : 06/22/2018 1:30)
Reported: 6/22/2018 7:56:13 AM 07:56
Posted: 6/28/2018
Location: Princeton, WV
Shape: Triangle
Duration:7 minutes
Dogs acting very strangely; three lights in the sky

We live close to exit 14 off of interstate 77. I was by myself, I stayed behind while the rest of the family went on vacation to take care of the pets. It was around 1:30 am when one of our dogs started to dig down the bedroom door trying to get inside. Not like her at all. She’s normally asleep. Then I noticed our German Shepard mix was acting super nervous and panting really hard. I went to use the bathroom and both dogs and one of the cats followed me, the dog that was digging down the door even tried to jump on my lap. I thought well maybe they need to use the bathroom for some reason, even though they never go out at this time. So I leash up the dogs, and take them outside for a short walk. I always look at the planets; I love them. While admiring how bright Mars was, I noticed there were three bright lights in the sky moving. They were pretty close together and the middle one was slightly higher than the other two. The thing that weirded me out the mos! t was that it made no sound. It was flying away from us going towards south bound 77. It made me feel very uneasy. I stood there watching it for a few minutes and then went back inside. The dogs calmed down for the most part but were still acting on guard. I have no explanation for the way they were acting. Both dogs and one of the cats acted weird. The other inside cat I couldn’t find, our outside cat I couldn’t find and my ferret was in the bedroom with me asleep. There were no storms in the area, we didn’t have any earthquakes(one of the first things I checked). I just kept telling myself it was military, until I told my boyfriend about it and drew a picture of how the lights were set up. He told me it may have been a ufo