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Occurred : 5/1/2017 05:45 (Entered as : 05/01/17 0545)
Reported: 5/23/2018 5:30:16 AM 05:30
Posted: 5/31/2018
Location: Angeles City (Philippines),
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:3 minutes
Non-reflective Grey rectangular object seen by a former U.S Marine and trained Foreward Observer.

I previously reported this sighting to MUFON and was given a case number of #83456 and this case was assigned to an investigator with the Mufon International CAG.

On May 1-2017, I was already up at 2:30am and at my computer, at approximately 5:45am there was a disturbance outside as my neighbor's dogs and my dogs were loudly barking and howling and I went outside to investigate.

Initially I saw no reason for the dogs disturbance as I stepped through my gate and into the center of the street and began looking in all directions for the cause, then glanced down the street and looking up into the northwest sky I saw an object perhaps 1 mile off in the distance and appeared to be about 700 to 1000 meters high, slowly approaching as if it was going to land on my street.

I initially thought that it was an unusually shaped hot air balloon, so I ran into the house and quickly grabbed my cell phone as my camera was not readily available. By this time the object was overhead but behind my house as I stood facing to the East, and the object was gradually gaining altitude as it moved to the south towards Manila.

I began to get a creepy feeling as all the animals suddenly became very quiet even the roosters stopped crowing, and I snapped a couple quick pictures. I was able to discern several portal type windows and a peculiar type of landing gear, then I realized that it was definitely not a hot air balloon as this craft made absolutely no sound. It was nothing I had ever seen before and as I'm a U.S. Marine scout, I am first and foremost a trained observer.

The object appeared as a non-reflective flat gray color, and had no lights of any kind, and given the distance from me it was not quite bright enough at that time to see any pilot or passengers. The total time of the sighting lasted perhaps 90 seconds.

As I mentioned previously, I reported this to the Mutual UFO Network within about 5 hours after the initial sighting.