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Occurred : 5/14/2018 20:00 (Entered as : 05/14/18 20:00)
Reported: 5/14/2018 8:39:49 PM 20:39
Posted: 5/15/2018
Location: Murfreesboro, TN
Shape: Light
Duration:8 hours
In the Spring of 2016, I just happen to look up one night while my dogs are going outside and I noticed these white lights or round spherical shape white light that were just above the tree between mybackyard and my neighbor's backyard.

I noticed every time I'd gone outside at night that these lights were there in the sky. Sometimes they we're in different areas above that tree and I could see them move or spin etc.

But most always where all between the neighbors houses and mine in the backyards.

with the naked eye you can see them moving and even changing shape if they were down low enough.

well I didn't think much of them as time passes i just kept seeing them and the sky above the houses and trees then in August of 2017, I was out at 2:45 a.m. on my back patio and I did happen to look up and there were a few of these lights above the Treetops well I was yelling at my dogs to come in cuz I wanted to go back to bed and so I stepped back to the door and flickered my back porch light on and off quite quickly trying to get the dogs attention and it just so happened it was a red Christmas lights and I had never taken out at that time. After I flickered the light a few times I stepped back on my patio and I yelled at them again to come in and I looked up and one of these bright white lights Round probably the size of a very large oversized beach ball solid white orb type spherical light and as it got to the outer edges that was translucent but still white to some degree and in my mind I didn't want to think about what it was and so I just talk to it like it was a dr! one or something of that nature because if I had really stop to think I probably would have freaked out.

So I started asking questions like what are you doing out this late what are you filming what are you doing why are you up there every single night and different locations of this neighborhood what are you trying to find out. It made no noise it was silent my dogs didn't react to it they just sat there and so I just kind of said to it I think you better leave and I pointed up at the sky and it left.

So every night since then except when it's raining these things are out there. There is any number of them from 1 to 7 I've counted in the sky.

Now they are in different locations some brighter than others some dim. I live in what's called a circle rd. so you can step on my backyard and all you see are everybody's backyard and the road that's in front of my house goes around this circle of homes. These lights are usually between my house my neighbors, then across the street I've seen them. Down the block to the left of my home which is about five or six houses down and then the other way to the right they've been out down as far as three or four homes.

They hang out as dusk comes in just before 8pm. They are at house top level or Treetop level or the telephone poles the wires or just above those and higher.

Then actually I can see them when they are moving up to where planes fly I've seen them actually go.

I've got many photos and videos over months. I've had probably 10 people come out nobody knows what these things are. Everybody's just amazed they change shape size the jump around almost like go dancing. They had different colors in them blues and greens and when they change shapes it almost reminds me of like when you see a dandelion and it's got those white cloud like things all around the seeds imagine that being sucked in and coming out being sucked in and coming out they do that like pulse. Another movement they do is where it's like a hamster wheel and then something spins with inside of itself and in photos you can see several orbs or light spot within the light source.

These things are just amazing and just don't know what they are.

Earlier this year I contacted mufon and they came out and the time they did their investigation which was several months ago it was really odd because what I see around my home and just told you about is not what we experienced.

When they were here we did capture some orb type things on video.

These were not the white light up in the sky but were privacy fence level. We had our camera phones up on zoom to search the sky cuz that's were I see them but as we panned our camera phones down level we caught up to six white orbs type lights in my backyard. They were not presenting themselves as white spinning and moving like when they are in the sky.  What was in my backyard were change shape orbs from colors of orange and yellow but would begin as white.

You could even see like rings of a tree or spine type things in the center of them and a few of the orbs we have on video like 19 minutes long.

That's a very cool video to watch.

In one way it was kind of disappointing because they weren't the lights in the sky that I see every night or it didn't present itself like when it came down to the sky and was in front of me.

After that investigation I have not seen what we captured that one night.

I've been seeing the white light orb type things in the sky around my home.

I still have been sending mufon pictures and video of what I keep seeing every night but because she has no idea what they are disney know how or want to proceed.

They at mufon haven't come back out to see these white light orbs in the sky. They dont know how to have me capture them where she can see them better or wants me to have them next to something so distance and size could be figured.

Bit its dark at night so phone lines tree tops etc don't show up just the white light.

I don't know it's just kind of frustrating.

I can't find anyone that seems to know anything about what they could be.

No one from any kind of Space or Universal profession like from local college won't retire my emails. I don't know who else to ask what these things could be and why there here around my house and our neighborhood.

They remind me sometimes of the Marfa lights only they're probably closer to me than those are from people who see them.

Then also someone had mentioned to me about watching the video that NASA had put out about a tether that came loose in space and I guess either causing noise or bright light and all these white lights rushed to it and surrounded it and they didn't have an explanation for them and nobody else did either.

Aanyway I don't know anyone else that knows what they are so I've now decided to report to other website like this one in hopes to find help in discovering what they are.

Thank you!

((NUFORC Note: We have looked at the photos sent by the witness, and they appear to be photos of the planet, Venus. PD))