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Occurred : 8/17/2014 22:45 (Entered as : 08/17/14 22:45)
Reported: 5/2/2018 11:37:40 AM 11:37
Posted: 5/4/2018
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:Several minutes
Young couple observes two cigar-shaped objects with lights on ends over a short period.

Young couple were outside at his home, and the young lady saw a light in the sky that caught her eye.. She asked her boyfriend to look up and check it out.. It was a cigar shaped object with white lights on both ends. and was moving from the SW to the NE at a moderate speed. They first thought it was a passenger jet, but this object had no wings and was totally silent. This was the first sighting. A few minutes later, another cigar shaped object was observed following the same flight path but with yellow lights on both ends. The first one was fluorescent with a dark circle in the center. (MUFON 59027)