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Occurred : 10/3/2016 03:15 (Entered as : 10/03/2016 03:15)
Reported: 3/23/2018 5:45:26 PM 17:45
Posted: 3/29/2018
Location: Boulder, CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:8-12 seconds
Triangular craft spotted as it blotted out stars. Dim red/rust lights on each corner with diffuse blue/purple glow in middle. Silent.

Preface: I understand submitting this 2 years later may show little merit. My friend and I both saw this craft, I did not report it to the authorities and have only informed my family and close friends and have been labeled a "loony" on this topic.

I grew up flying glider airplanes and have been a hobby aviationist my entire life. I am knowledgeable on the topics of aircraft mechanisms and modes of lift.

This event has burned itself into my mind and I cannot let it go. I discovered this website today. What is prompting me to share my story is the report located at

as it matches my sighting nearly exactly and is only a few days separate from my friend and I's experience.

At approximately 03:15 I was standing outside in the ally way of my friend’s apartment with another friend who was smoking a cigarette. I was star gazing as I am from the midwest and the elevation of Boulder offers a unique and clear view of the stars I am not often afforded back home. While gazing up I noticed that suddenly stars began disappearing. As more and more stars were blotted out I was able to make out that a large, pitch black, distinctively solid Triangular craft that was moving North to South at a slow speed at what I estimated to be 500-800ft directly above my friend and I.

Startled, I grabbed my friend who was also able to make out the craft as well when I pointed to it and indicated its heading. The craft was initially only seen by me as I had been peering at the stars in the exact location that it began to fly over us. If this had not been the case I would have missed it entirely.

The craft was a solid Triangle shape with 3 incredibly dim red/rust diffuse lights on each of its 3 corners. In the middle of the triangle was a larger, yet still very dim, blue-ish/purple diffuse glow. I know this craft was a solid Triangle and not a boomerang shape as the stars blotted out were consistent with a complete triangle. It maintained its direction with no spin or wobble with 1 of the dim red/rust lights “leading” or being the “front” of the craft.

The craft slowly moved over us at a constant speed and over the apartments on the other side of the alleyway in a North to South heading. If I had to estimate the speed of the craft I would put it between 50-90mph. The craft was COMPLETELY silent. Once past us the craft showed no engines or engine glow on the rear of the craft like a traditional airplane would. The event lasted approximately 8-12 seconds. I did not attempt to capture any footage as I knew my cellphone camera was garbage and did not want to risk looking at my bright screen and losing my view of the craft.

I would not have shared my experience publicly if I had not seen the aforementioned report and the uncanny similarities between the two.

The eeriness of the silence was what really startled me. Even a glider at that low of altitude produces the whooshing sound of wind passing over its wings. I spent the rest of my vacation pointing out to my friend who experienced the event with me how the sounds of jets passing thousands of feet overhead can easily be heard and how bizarre and unique our experience was.