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Occurred : 1/29/2018 19:00 (Entered as : 01/29/18 19:00)
Reported: 1/30/2018 4:25:30 AM 04:25
Posted: 2/16/2018
Location: Queen Creek, AZ
Shape: Other
Duration:4 seconds
I couldn't tell if it was one object or several; but it's one of the most interesting things I've seen in the night sky.

I was driving home sometime between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm local time. My step father was on the phone in the passenger seat, my step aunt was in the backseat, passenger-side. We were heading East while I was driving and several lights come to my attention at about my 11 o’clock position and approximately 15-20 degrees above the horizon. I witnessed a weird formation of lights I have not witnessed before. The duration of the lights was brief, maybe 2-4 seconds duration in total. But it was the formation that stood out to me, it was like a WV, W\, or possibly a M/\, or M/. But it appeared that it was either 1 craft or a tightly-formed flying fleet.

The thing that I remember is typically when I view the Cassiopeia constellation, it’s in the ‘W’ formation from my reference and during the brief encounter I had, it seemed like it was a ‘WV’ formation with the lights (it was in that same W formation, but with a few more lights, I was tempted to select the Chevron shape for this report, but that would indicate I saw multiple crafts). I recall it being similar in the form of the Cassiopeia constellation, but the lights were as bright as incoming planes. Initially I thought they were incoming planes, but the fact that I saw 1 of the lights dim and then disappear, while the others quickly followed in-sync with each other; this made me want to find out if anyone else saw those lights.

I do know that there are homes in that direction and the possibility of drones with lights on them could be entirely possible, which would explain their low altitude. But it was a quick encounter with strange lights in a formation, that I can’t explain.

Another thing I should add, while it’s fresh in my mind is that the lights appeared to be the same color and the same distance away, though at night I’m sure that’s hard to tell. They had like a regular airplane color, not one of the fancy white/blue colored lights (like a halogen color). Each light also appeared to be symmetrical, in terms of the spacing and angles between each other. It was weird.

((NUFORC Note: For some reason, witness indicates that the date above is approximate. PD))