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Occurred : 1/22/2018 18:20 (Entered as : 1/22/2018 18:20)
Reported: 1/23/2018 10:45:00 AM 10:45
Posted: 1/25/2018
Location: Manchester, NH
Shape: Flash
Duration:4 seconds
Flashes of light with orbs.

This all started a long time ago in 1985 when my Grandfather told me to film Mars when it was closest which was like very early fall of 2003. He told me to watch for an object he had seen that traveled up instead of down. This being an asteroid of sorts or perhaps a bolide.

I did as I was told and set up my tripod and said a prayer that it would bring honor to my grandfather. Early on in the shot I got tired of filming just Mars and decided to film the moon instead. Not long after a brightly lit object that was potato shaped flew from left to the upper right at an upward angle lighting up in the moons halo as it went. Keep that at the back of your mind.

Then in 2008 I got a report that the Bali volcano was about to erupt so I was watching the live camera. I saw something that looked like orbs but paid no notice of it. Then a news agency told me that an earthquake struck the region. I know from past experience that orbs appear after earthquakes, so I went to see the live camera again and much to my amazement the entire shot was nothing but wild crazy orbs flying in all directions.

The critics didn’t like the film and said for me to film one in doors at my home so I went and did just that. On the first day of filming I shot three orbs traveling fast in my home appartment in Manchester. I missed the first orb in the kitchen because it was fast and the lighting was too bright which led me to believe that the object wasn’t worth my time but I remember it just the same.

Then some time went by and nothing much appeared on the night vision camera. I’d been working hard in my office and it was getting late. I was about to go to my girlfriends house and I typically have that room in the dark. I noticed my phone light up but it wasn’t coming from the screen or the back of the phone. It was more like my pocket lit up. I thought nothing of it and went to open the door to go outside. Just as I turned the key the entire lock assembly lit up in a bright pleasant white light that was radiant like neon white. It flashed twice and I left the apartment feeling somewhat befuddled. I told myelf its all good and thought nothing of it.

I then returned to my apartment very early that morning around quarter of six and my apartment was still fairly dark. As I went to shut the lock the same thing happened but my phone didn’t light up this time. Just the lock did and this time it was one blink and was located much closed to the inside wood. It was not my normal standard lighting and I decided to call someone to report it.

Now... My mother was nearly killed by a serial killer back in the day when she was young and a bright light saved her life. I guess the killer lost his nerve when the flat desert like sand of western Kansas (there abouts) lit up bright as day all around his pickup truck. So I knew from stories I’d heard that this was not the “first” time it had happened to my family.

Lastly on August 10th, 2005, I was working in a basement in Plaistow, NH, at a friend's house when the two of use decided to sit down. All of a sudden a bright ball of energy flew out of the fruit cellar in front of us and traveled right past my left side. It then bounced off the hot water heater, turned slightly then went across at a fast wobble at about eye level when it then traveled out a window. I said to her “you saw that, right?” she said yes.

I am including a link to the only evidence I have and that is of the 3 orbs I filmed. The film is a composite so that the video is shorter. The times on the video are wrong the rest is accurate. Here is the youtube link. The orbs were spotted on December 27th, 2017, at around 7pm.

Lastly the snow looked strange on the day of the 23rd of Jan. 2018, so I photographed that.