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Occurred : 6/20/1989 20:30 (Entered as : 06/20/1989 20:30)
Reported: 1/16/2018 11:47:43 AM 11:47
Posted: 1/16/2018
Location: Malvern, AR
Shape: Disk
Duration:5-6 hours
Disc shaped craft :escorted" by and followed by jet planes over apartment complex.

My friend and I, were playing in front

Disc shaped craft "escorted" by and followed by jet planes over apartment complex.

My friend and I, were playing in front of the apartments that we both lived in. It was evening time, right at sunset to be exact. I looked at the sky and saw the last remnants of light on the horizon and there were already a few stars popping out.

So at that point, as I was noticing the few stars making their appearance, something very odd happened. One of the tiny dots of light (?stars) starting rotating in a circular(or elliptical) pattern, then directly across from it(to the left to be exact and the distance was probably something like if I held my arms spread open to the sky, one would have been at my right fingertip and the other at my left fingertip).

Things get stranger still, the next thing to happen was an airplane flew between the "stars", then another plane flew through them directly after it.

In my retelling I like to say the planes seemed to "escort" the alternative craft.

At that point the, saucer-shaped craft flew or hoovered into view. It was metallic in color, I read someone else that mentioned liquid mercury and that seems a perfect description. It was moving seemingly very slow. But then it was over our heads suddenly and it stopped. I remember it seemed so very near us. There were more lights(there had originally only been one in the center) that started to shine from the bottom of the craft around it's perimeter, they encompassed it's circumference. They were bright and I can't remember clearly if they were colored or blinked or if the bottom of the craft moved, but the lights did not remain in a constant position. Maybe it was spinning? After that, all I can remember is that two more planes flew by. I don't think the "stars" were even spinning anymore and it was completely dark. We lost several hours of time, although the event didn't seem long at all…

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))