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Occurred : 12/13/2017 21:00 (Entered as : 12/13/17 21:00)
Reported: 12/15/2017 9:20:12 PM 21:20
Posted: 12/21/2017
Location: Vancouver, WA
Shape: Circle
Duration:13 seconds
No sound from object and without slowing down made a sharp 90 degree turn south.

December 13, 2017. At About 9:00 PM Pacific Time December 13, 2017 in Vancouver, Washington, I saw what I strongly believe to be a UFO. I was outside to watch the meteor show when I saw an object moving from West to East. I was looking north. If you were to hold up a ruler at arm’s length it travel about 18 inches. Without slowing down it then made a very sharp turn south maybe a 90 degree turn and if holding a ruler at arm’s length I could see it travel about 4.5 feet.

If you held up a dime at arm’s length that would be about the size of the object, maybe slightly larger. It appeared to be round but not sure if it were a true round object as I was watching this at about a 70 degree angle from the ground which would give it a slight appearance of being oval. But I would say it was round.

They were few clouds out that night and there were no clouds interfering with my view of the object. The best way I could describe the object is as follows. Picture a perfectly round fried egg and hold it up at a 70 degree angle. That round egg now looks slightly oval which is how I saw it. The background that the object was seen against was night time black.

The whole object was not bright but very faint as if there were clouds beneath it, but there were no clouds beneath it as the stars in the same area were brite. The entire yoke part of the egg would look an orange/red color, but more orange than red and faint. The entire white of the egg look like a translucent aura with the same color as the yoke but much more faint as it did appear to be translucent. I could not see any dome or any other geometric shapes. So there were no distinct individual lights just this faint glow.

It travel in a perfect straight line going from west to east, and when it made that sharp turn to the south. It also traveled in a straight line. It did not move up or down, no other objects were seen with it. There were no flashing lights and no other color then the color describe above. It made no noise of any kind. Aircraft from nearby PDX could clearly be heard but no sound came from the object. There were no other aircraft at that time that may have covered up any sound coming from the object I was observing.

It was traveling at a speed I would say somewhat faster than aircraft landing or taking off from PDX. If it was a UFO I would say that the speed it was traveling at was a good cruising speed for a UFO.

Also when it turned south it would have been heading toward PDX or near PDX. This object maintain the same altitude the whole time I observed it and it was not in any typical landing pattern for PDX.

There were no trails of smoke or haze it maintain the shape of the egg and everything I observed about the object stayed within those perimeters.

It was not somebody on the ground with some kind of light shining up into the sky. There was no beam of light going up into the sky plus anyone on the ground would not have been able to shine a light for the distance that I saw this object travel. A light coming from the ground would have been interrupted by houses and trees. It also was not a weather balloon.

There are four very distinct attributes about the object I observed. 1) Appearance was larger than any aircraft I have seen flying overhead. 2) It made no sound. 3) The aura that completely went around the object. 4) It made a very sharp turn. All other aircraft I have seen have to make a curved turn, this was a sharp turn like the corner of a square.

I will be 71 years old in February 2018 and in my life time I have never seen anything like what I saw, or anything closely resembling what I saw.

Since this was in such close proximity to the PDX airport this object must have appeared on their radar.