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Occurred : 2/1/2015 02:00 (Entered as : 02/2015 2:00)
Reported: 11/28/2017 2:10:26 PM 14:10
Posted: 12/4/2017
Location: Brewster, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 mins
I am a imsomniac, and had gotten up to let our dog out at about 2am in waiting for her to come back to the door i was watching out the side window of the door and observed something about 200 feet away coming on my right crossing our hay field it was dark and snowing hard but have a yard light to illuminate the shop area At first it just didnt register in my head i shook my head thinking and blinked several times thinking i i was seeing things it continued coming from my right, i stared intently trying to make the details out as it passed from right to left about 20 feet abouve the ground and about 50 feet in front of me It was a very definite wedge shape , colored charcoal black with some browns like it was made to blend into the darkness. It made no noise or had any lights and vanished as it vanished as it passed my door My dog actually growled at it as it passed by I swear to you this was not a figment of my imagination and is not a lie i was not seeing things and it could not be anything other than what i saw i have never seen any other UFO in my 58 years of life