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Occurred : 11/25/2017 18:02 (Entered as : 11/25/2017 18:02)
Reported: 11/25/2017 4:23:47 PM 16:23
Posted: 12/4/2017
Location: Medellin (Colombia),
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:34 minutes
The event took place at 18:02 pm Medellin, Colombia, time, two red objects appeared in the sky in a west north direction they were paralleled horizontally to each other and they seemed not to be moving they appeared out of the sky to the eye we were two witnesses and took accounts of time and movement at approximately 10 minutes of hovering at an approx. Altitude of 5.000 feet the craft that would be to the east started a motion moving west the craft that was west to it is now to the east and started moving up not north but upwards we can definitely testify that this was not a normal air craft behavior or movement we can responsibly say it was no helicopter air craft or weather balloon as we had a pretty close visual linear distance about 4 kilometers to better explain our siting the crafts were long vertical with red lights at its top and at its bottom the lights looked like a panel you see on a microwave tower

we continued the observation until 18:36 ! pm as the two crafts disappeared I would like to add to better explain they hovered in two different heights first when we first had a visual as I explained then when they moved up I can estimate the second hover was at approx. 15.000 feet I used the mountains to guide me with my estimation also we did observed lateral horizontal movement hovering and vertical movement within the 34 minutes of observation