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Occurred : 11/25/2017 15:00 (Entered as : 11/25/17 15:00)
Reported: 11/24/2017 10:15:26 PM 22:15
Posted: 12/4/2017
Location: Yokosuka (Japan),
Shape: Other
Orbiting Translucent Rings

Hello, I am writing in regards to something I cannot explain and hoping to get and answer to. I have seen in my travels as I look up into the sky during the daytime hours, hovering objects.

I can only describe these objects as translucent rings orbiting around a center. I imagine a sphere would be in the middle as the rings orbit around it, although the sphere is not there. I only see the rings orbiting, sometimes expanding and contracting as well while they orbit around a center.

I have seen these objects every place I have traveled, always during they day. If I focus for a minute at a point in the sky I can eventually find the rings moving in the sky. As the sun reflects off of the rings, I can also see the colors of the rainbow as if light were passing threw a prism.

If there is an explanation to what I have seen, or any other information about this, I would appreciate some feedback.

Thank you very much