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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/22/2017 21:59
Reported: 9/22/2017 7:26:13 PM 19:26
Posted: 9/28/2017
Location: Uniontown, PA
Shape: Oval
Duration:8 minutes
White glowing satellite moving sideways at high altitude.

I have 28 years of military and commercial aviation experience as an aircraft technician and CH-46 Crew Chief, USMC. I know the difference between enemy aircraft, satellites, commercial and private aircraft, helicopters, military flares, their designated flight paths, and their colored lights and flashing patterns.

While observing a low altitude airplane flying in a normal flight pattern at night, I noticed above it a glowing white satellite of unknown origin hovering at a high altitude, and then moving in unusual patterns never seen before in my life. It was like it was standing post, as if guarding me, moving sideways because it seemed to be following me over the motel that I am staying at.

One of the best experiences I have had ever in my life. No pictures yet, as I am confident there will be more to come in broad daylight.


The following are responses to your inquiries: approximate time 21:59 Eastern Standard: date 09/22/2017: indeed, it was a satellite but of unknown origin, as satellites do not move in zig zag patterns, or hover at approximately 20,000 feet with an approximate oval diameter slightly larger than a star in the background: moreover, I use apps called "Star Walk 2" and "Star Guide" for night photography, and saw no listings of any known satellites in space that would fit on their maps.