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Occurred : 9/12/2017 06:12 (Entered as : 09/12/17 6:12)
Reported: 9/12/2017 4:50:39 AM 04:50
Posted: 9/12/2017
Location: Elmwood Park, IL
Shape: Light
Duration:12 minutes
Flickering white lights due west in a curved, symmetrical pattern, moving downward to the south.

Looking from my bedroom window to the west, I saw 6 sparkling lights in the sky. At first I thought that they were possibly airplanes, satellites, or twinkling stars, but they were bright and close enough together not to be planes. They were slowly moving downward in a southern direction. Two of them slowly faded away while holding their position, while the remaining four kept moving in a southern direction until I couldn't see them anymore. I've never seen sparkling lights in the morning sky moving in such a curved, symmetrical pattern. Interesting to watch, but odd.