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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1968 13:00 (Entered as : 1968 13:00)
Reported: 7/18/2017 12:30:12 PM 12:30
Posted: 7/23/2017
Location: Scottsville, KY
Shape: Unknown
Duration:20 minutes


I recently read a new report from 2017 in which the person reporting their incident heard a loud noise overhead of them, but they could see no object. This is a follow-up report from a posting I made about my similar frightening encounter back in Kentucky in 1968. This is somehow important, I truly believe!

I was around ten years old at the time. My three first cousins and I were playing basketball in the street, at the front of our subdivision homes. We were all bouncing the basketball around in a circle, when we heard a loud roaring/swishing noise coming toward us.

We immediately looked for the source of the loud sounds, and saw nothing. We thought it was just and aircraft of some sort.

As we continued playing basketball, we all heard the roaring/swishing noises getting louder and louder approaching us. Again, we all looked around, and again, we all saw nothing! Not a single thing was seen anywhere in the clear blue sunny sky.

Then, in an instant, it all of a sudden was hovering directly over our heads, and the roaring - swishing sound was deafening! The machine seemed to be large and massive, too. Suddenly, a powerful massive yellow light shined down upon all of us while the roaring/swishing sound continued over our heads. Everybody was blinded.

We yelled out for each other, but we were lost and separated. We could hear each other's loud screaming voices, but could not see each other at all. The noise was amazing. I even held my ears at times during this encounter, and each time I tried to look up at what was over our heads doing this to us, the bright yellow light was blinding - like looking up at the sun! I could only see a few feet in front of me, and none of my cousins, either.

After what seemed like twenty minutes, the bright yellow light overhead suddenly just went off and the roaring/swishing object, whatever it was, flew away at a great speed.

We all just stood looking at each other with our mouths gaping wide open in terror and amazement. "What was that?" "What happened?" we were all repeatedly repeating?

After a couple of weeks or so after this incident, one strange day our entire elementary school classes was "ORDERED" up to the inside front hallway of our school to get a so - called flu vaccine shot? Our elementary school was located near where our UFO incident had occurred. We got a shot alright! I received a shot-mark, "V" Inverted Triangle, stamped on my forehead that day which is is still there and very visible today.

My girl first cousin got a "O" Circular Mark stamped on her forehead, still highly visible today too. Later on, when I went home from school that day and my Dad saw the strange "V" mark indented in my forehead he got very angry, he stated that shots "ARE NOT" given in the forehead, and he called the elementary school to see why I was given a "V" Inverted Pyramid Mark on my forehead.

After a few minutes of yelling and arguing with them, he just suddenly put the telephone phone down and never mentioned the incident again.

"What happened Daddy?" I asked him. "Just forget it," he said. I knew that he had been threatened. My Father was an Ex-U.S. Army Soldier and afraid of nothing, but this incident rattled him a lot.

I have never forgotten this amazing incident and we three surviving cousins talk about it still to this day. I am telling you the honest truth as I well remember it. This incident really did happen!

Me and my surviving two first cousins remember that bizarre day very well, to this day too! Back when the incident happened, I didn't even know what an "V" "Inverted Pyramid" was, but I found out a few years ago. Today, after some investigating and research, I truly believe that all four of us cousins were "abducted" by that invisible UFO that day and we can' remember it.

For some strange reason I have seen several UFO's in my lifetime, and had many other strange paranormal encounters too. They continue to this day! My girl first cousin has a paranormal life too!

Whoever sent you that short 2017 message, I just wanted to tell them that they are not alone - it happened to me/us as well. These things are real!

I have now worked for the U.S. Government ((office deleted)) for many years, and "WE ARE NOT ALONE!"

Thank You, ((initials deleted))