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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/15/1995 00:00 (Entered as : 08/00/1995 0:00)
Reported: 5/31/2017 1:44:05 PM 13:44
Posted: 6/2/2017
Location: Cottonwood, AZ
Shape: Other
Duration:15 minutes
Huge Craft Really Close With After Effects

So back in August of 1995, I had decided it was due time to leave the east coast. At 23 years old I had grown up in Virginia my whole life and my soul just knew there was much more to see and do. Little did I know, just how much more there was. So I bought a motorhome and headed out west. I had stocked the motorhome with enough food and camping supplies to last for months and set out for Boulder,, single, and on top of the world. As life has it, I was only there for a couple of weeks and ran into a gal from South Carolina who was on a similar journey that changed all that.

After a short time of running the streets of Boulder together we left out for the Four Corners area, where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet. I had met a group of new friends she was hanging out with that were our age and we decided we would all head deep up into the national forest and live off grid for a month or so. Upon arriving, the dirt road we took up into the forest was a little perilous and saw us more than once with a road span of 9ft, in a camper with a width of 8ft, and a sheer 200-300ft cliff off the passenger side. We were all glad to arrive safely and the group of us set up camp using tents, tipi's, hammocks and some makeshift shelters. Her and I were kind of spoiled in the camper with the comfort of heat at night, a cooking stove and a soft bed to lay our heads.

After a month or so it had started to get pretty cold in the mountains and we decided to part ways. A small group of us piled up in my motorhome and made our way back out of the woods, back to the highway and set off for our next journey to Sedona, Arizona. For those who aren't aware, Sedona is home to of one of a small handful of vortexes on the planet. A vortex or vortexes are areas of concentrated energy rising from the earth.

Many people believe that Sedona has several vortexes or power spots, making Sedona a highly sought-after spiritual and metaphysical destination.

As you approach the town of Sedona, even though its in the desert, you have to go down a very long steep and winding road. The brakes on the camper started to make noise and by the time we got to the bottom, they were completely shot making a fierce grinding noise. The first place I could pull into was the local Post Office and I immediately parked. Running low on funds we weren't exactly sure how we were going to solve this problem. By coincidence, if you believe in such things, as we exited the camper, a man was just parking to go in and must have smelled our dilemma. It just so happened that he was a local johnny on the spot mechanic, and after a brief explanation from us he offered a hot shower and to fix the breaks for free.

He directed us to roll the rest of the way thru town and told us of a free camping area about a mile on the other side. A few hours later he arrived with a friend and tools and within a short time they had replaced all four brakes. We were very grateful.....

We ended up staying at this very primitive camping area for about a week and during that time him and his friend came by a frequently. We kind of befriended his friend more than him. He was about 7 ft tall with the build of an pro wrestler and we soon found out he had anger issues. After some time together, his friend, a little more mild tempered, invited me and my companion back to his family's home to take a break from the road and to get a home cooked meal. After intruding on his family for a few days he and his wife asked if we wanted to go to a good place in the desert they knew of to camp. It was just outside of Cottonwood, Arizona, which was the next town down the road.

As we approached the area I noticed I was in a completely different environment than ever before. The cacti were everywhere and the sagebrush truly rolled. The only thing higher than a basketball goal was one mountain range with no trees about a mile away. It wasn't even a camping area, we just kind of pulled up into the middle of the desert and the only sign of human life were some rocks piled up in a circle for fires. We all had planned on staying in the camper so it didn't take too long to set up camp.

After a light lunch we all decided to go for a desert walk and probably stopped about 3/4 a mile from camp before heading back. As we were walking and talking I started hearing from a distance behind us a high pitched noise that progressively got louder, the more we walked. The next thing I knew the couple we were with, not saying anything, started to pick up their pace. The closer we got back to the camper the louder and louder the noise became till all four of us were at a fast jog. We threw open the door to the camper and piled on top of eachother getting inside to have a few dozen wild hogs all about a foot and a half tall stampede under and around us. The camper swayed as they passed by. We stayed in the camper for some time after that but getting hungry and out of cooking propane we decided enough time had passed for us to build a fire outside. Dinner was good and it had been a long day and the couple we were with wanted to retire so we thought we would give them some space and grabbed a few blankets and headed up on the roof of the camper to bed down for the night, letting them stay inside.

Getting caught up in conversation with nothing but the stars and our new found love for each other, hours must have passed and it was probably approaching midnight when I first noticed how beautiful that plain old mountain range looked in the eve of night. The moon was high behind it, making it really stand out. It was then that I noticed what looked like a Jeep or some kind of all terrain vehicle on the cusp of the hill which was only about three humps rolling out of the earth and probably only 1000ft high at there peak. All's that I could make out at that time was what looked like a large headlight traveling along. Finding it a bit unusual I continued watching as it traveled at a slow pace along the curvature of the mountain till I noticed it had turned towards us and seemed to be leaving the mountain. That's when I nudged my new friend to take a look. Within about 3 minutes,which seemed like 20, it had traveled from the top of the hill to almost overhead of us and I could feel her scootch herself close to my side.

It was probably the size of a half of a football field with slightly rounded corners on the bottom and almost as tall as it was long, more rounded at the top. There were multiple pairs of very oddly colored red and green lights not in any kind of symmetrical order on the bottom that seemed to be twisting more like a barbers pole than flashing. It made no noise...that's 0 noise...and we were in the middle of the desert so you could hear everything. It slowly made its way over our heads only about 3-400 feet above us and had slowed to 5 mph as it was directly above. As it traveled past us about another football fields length we watched without blinking as it went into warp speed and within about 6-7 seconds it was out of sight doing a slight twisting incline as it went...still never making a sound. We both looked at each other in the darkness of night both knowing what we had just experienced, hoping it was over....but it wasn't......

As we sat on the top of the camper quietly contemplating what had just happened, these perfectly round bubbles started appearing all around us on the ground. They looked like thick plastic with a dull light in them and we heard scurrying in the brush. I wasn't clear if the scurrying was due to what was happening or maybe rodents getting out of the bubbles way. I had chills running down my spine and goosebumps all over. This lasted another 5 minutes or so till they just slowly disappeared......and we were ok.....

This young lady later became my wife and after 2 decades we love to share this with anyone that will listen. Most people don't really believe but we know different. Seeing is believing. It changed our lives forever.

**So I did a little research and it seems the mountain where I was facing outside of Cottonwood, Arizona, is called Mingus Mountain.....Just thought I'd share that. It was right at the highest peak when it came towards us....

(Feel free to share our story, it is true and I took the time to make it accurate, because it is important)...