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Occurred : 5/5/2004 01:00 (Entered as : 050504 01:00)
Reported: 4/25/2017 10:38:32 PM 22:38
Posted: 4/28/2017
Location: Roseville, CA
Shape: Circle
Abduction, middle of night, out of 2nd story bedroom.

Sometime between May 03 and September 03 I had the experience.

I awoke outside, bedroom on 2nd floor – walking barefoot and feeling the grass under my feet. Next to my right arm was a ‘smaller figure’ I am not looking, but sense being directed. It directs me toward a wooden fence, as we walk closer I see a metal ladder and a push on my arm. I start climbing up. I remember being confused and wondering how come I am climbing ‘up’ against a property line fence.

I step-up at least 4 steps up to a small metal standing space, the area is a little smaller than a manhole cover. I am very aware of how smooth the metal is and put my right hand onto a railing to stabilize myself.

As I do, I am directed to step down into a darkened hole, I am not afraid. Descending, I see 4 metal tub sitting bench circulating this 7-8 feet across small room. Climbing down, I glance just below steps and see a blond man, I do not look at him again. There is one other person a brown-haired lady, she does have clothing on (I presume night ware). I am only wearing panties; I realize my modesty, briefly hesitating I am pushed to sit down. After sitting down, placing my feet on the metal floor it was wet/water to my bare feet.

I am now able to see a round bubble-out window, I have sat down (to my right) across from the other lady. I have no thoughts of how come I am here, or the smaller figure to my right next to the window.

No panic up to this point, complete acceptance.

My next thought is us traveling above a freeway, very fast with a slight movement, but not a noticeable wobble. I have stood up a little and bending slightly at the waist to look squarely out the window. I am not stopped (?) thinking back that is strange. I am surprised to see how light it is outside, as I remember thinking it was not morning yet.

I see an over-pass coming up quickly and voice out that we are going to crash into it. I am more afraid of the possibility of crashing than I am in a tight-enclosed vehicle going very fast. I turn to look at the smaller figure to my right and yell at him we can’t go through cement! I hear a voice (but it is in my head) from behind me saying, “Quiet that one down.” I feel like I have fallen next to the brown-haired lady a surprised yelp from her and seeing we have come and connected with the bottom part of the over-pass everything goes black.

I awakened the next morning and did not start thinking about that night for a few weeks, and since then questioned if that was a vivid dream or an event. My husband is completely unaware of the events as described.