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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/27/2003 18:00 (Entered as : 10/27/03 18:00)
Reported: 4/17/2017 8:03:45 PM 20:03
Posted: 4/20/2017
Location: Farson, WY
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:30 seconds
30 second sighting. Tumbling, silver-grey cylinder. 30 degrees off horizon. Eight miles distant. Steady course & speed

Note: This is the same report that I sent to another UFO reporting service in July, 2015, but this is an update of sorts. The reason I'm sending it to you, is because I've remembered some other details about the sighting. Specifically, the date and distance from the object. It was either October 2003, (I think this was it), or October 2004. Also, the object was between me and `Little Prospect Mountain,' so it was not more than eight miles away.

This experience disturbed me greatly and has stayed with me. So much so that I've tried to learn the proper way to investigate a sighting and to study any physical evidence that might be found. Also, after hearing on a television show how some people, when they've had a spectacular sighting like mine, (the Phoenix lights), simply got in their car and drove on and didn't discuss it among themselves. They described it as a temporary amnesia. There are other examples. I think that may have happened to me, as well, as I waited until 2015 to even start thinking seriously about what I saw before finally reporting it.

Here is my report: This was late October, hunting season. It was dusk. The sun was low on the western horizon. I was staying in my camper in the trees. After dinner, I took a cup of coffee and walked out to the main dirt road, about one hundred (100), yards away, out of the trees. This is a fairly isolated place in the Wind River Mountains, about thirty (30) miles northwest of South Pass, Wyoming. There are high, granite peaks to the north that stretch all the way up to Yellowstone. Farson, the closest hamlet, is about sixty (60) miles to the west-southwest.

It was a cloudless evening; a very beautiful sunset. A movement in the sky caught my attention and I looked up and saw a cylinder tumbling across the sky, end-over-end. It was gray to dull silver in base color but shown gold-red as it reflected the sunlight. It had a ratio of about eight-to-one (8 to 1), diameter to length and seemed to have a raised rim of some kind on one end, about a sixth of the way along its axis. At first, my mind could not grasp what I was seeing and I thought, `Well, it must be a booster stage from a rocket.' (The following was not in my original report): I didn't get excited. I should have. This is not normal.

Only later did I recognize that if it were a booster rocket, it would have crashed into the ground and from its apparent size, it would have been at least five hundred (500) feet in length. To my knowledge, no one has ever built a booster rocket of that size.

I observed it moving from the south-southeast to the north-northwest. It never deviated its course. I never altered its altitude. It simply tumbled end-over-end as it moved across a blue, evening sky. Then it disappeared over the mountains.

I made no notes of my sighting that evening but rather went to bed early as I planned on hunting the next morning. The strange thing was, that night, I had a nightmare that terrified me. I do not use the word `terrify' lightly. I never have nightmares but this one scared me as I have never been scared before, or since.

In it, something came over my camp and hovered. In the dream, I knew `they', (whoever `they are'), were coming. and I thought, `now wait. They can't do that! There are more people in the campground a half a mile away. They'll be seen.' But never-the-less, they stopped over my camper and shined an ultra bright light down on it, bathing the whole area around my camper for fifty (50) feet. Then two entities appeared outside my door. They were dressed in tight fitting suits, like the old usher uniforms that people use to wear in movie theaters and they had on rimless caps of a dark gray color.

I couldn't keep them out.... and that's all I remember. A few days later I made some notes on this dream and my observation. I haven't been able to find those notes so a few years ago, I wrote out what I remembered, one more time. I have never had a dream like that again. I have never had another sighting of any kind.

The following was not in my original report: It befuddles me that I was so unmoved by this episode. Now, I'm not even sure that I made those notes, `a few days later.' This isn't normal and it's bugging the hell out of me! I'm a reasonably intelligent person, (I think). I ran a college level welding program for twenty-two (22) years and currently work as a Certified Welding Inspector, (when I choose to), so I'm bewildered by my behavior in the aftermath of this sighting. Anyway, I hope you can use the information in my report to help solve this riddle and I would certainly like some answers if any are forthcoming. Thanks.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))