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Occurred : 8/22/2016 01:17 (Entered as : 08/22/2016 01:17)
Reported: 2/19/2017 9:03:06 PM 21:03
Posted: 2/22/2017
Location: Newburg, WI
Shape: Other
Duration:Not sure
Hello, I gave it some thought and came to the conclusion that I should report -- to someone -- what I saw. Not sure if it even matters really but I need to tell someone, anyone. If this is of any help, I do carry the "gift" of photographic memory, so I can draw what it is I saw in extreme detail.

My Experience.

Where: back roads, pitch black sky, it was cloudy out. Driving beside an empty corn field.

When: early morning, 01:17am.

Direction: viewing east What: 7 bright stared lights in a single file fashion. White. Couldn't see if they were connected.

Addinal info: upon noticing the lights my cars engine stopped and head lamps turned off. My phone turned off as well. Car restored power, along with my phone after it left.

Movement: the lights darted east (and out of sight) for only a moment before returning to its original spot and darting back east again and It did this 4 times before finally darting east off into Lake Michigan.

Weird after effects: all my school work saved on my flash drives were unreadable to any computer. My new laptop was also shot. Also, it felt like a minute event but somehow an hour and a half went by.

I seriouly doubt this matters but minutes after, I saw a man standing in the woods glaring at me and scared me half to death. He was wearing a black suit, unbelievably tall and wore this hat from like, the 1920s or something. He looked exactly like slender man. I still get the blood chill even as I type this. I can draw what he looks like too. I of course didn't see him again after I took my head lamps off him as I continued driving.

Hope this was of some help. It sure isn't something I ever want to experience again.