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Occurred : 9/15/2016 20:25 (Entered as : 09/15/16 20:25)
Reported: 9/15/2016 10:14:58 PM 22:14
Posted: 9/22/2016
Location: Spokane Valley, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:15 minutes
Bright white light, maybe a meteor

Tried to call but I am having phone issues. Trying this.

I/we saw an object, brilliant white light moving south to north, it appeared to be coming down but then seemed to change trajectory and move horizontally. No sound, no tail that we could see. It was within about a quarter mile from us, pretty low to the ground, just a few hundred feet.

I was setting with my son talking on the front porch, the object went over the house tops, we moved to the street to follow it but lost it. By the time we got to the back deck, it was gone. Very strange.

Probably a meteor, but? Was between 8:15 and about 8:30 tonight Spokane Valley, near Pines rd and Trent. I would love to know if anybody else saw this object.