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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1997 21:00 (Entered as : 1997 21:00)
Reported: 9/4/2016 7:09:17 PM 19:09
Posted: 9/9/2016
Location: Hertford, NC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 nights
5 Triangles between Edenton and Hertford NC.

Its been years sense this happened and unfortunately I didn’t know who to go to about this information until after watching The Phoenix Incident at the end of the movie which led me to you. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. We had this couple over to install a new central air conditioning system in our house on East Bear Swamp Rd in Hertford NC. I believe this happened in spring of 97. It was just cool enough outside to wrap up in my Garfield sleeping blanket. The couple had just finished installing the AC unit in our house and had ordered pizza that they were eating with my parents in the studio my father and I had built inside the barn out back. I came outside and laid down on our cement driveway and leaned my back onto the brick of the house beside the garage entrance. I laid there for about 30 min when in the distance I could see 6 lights coming from the direction of Edenton moving north towards Hertford. I could barely make them out because of ! the city lights coming from Edenton. I kept watching them thinking to myself it was probably just helicopters on their way to Blackwater Base located near Elizabeth City.

But as I watched them more I could distinctly make out they were not individual aircraft, it was just two. How could I tell it was just two? Because the stars would disappear behind each 3 lights, thus making them a triangular shape. I quickly jumped up and ran as fast as I possibly could to the barn where the couple and my parents were. I yelled at them to run to the front of the house and see these UFOs. We all ran back to the front and watched in awe as they went overhead. Not a single sound…..nothing, it was as if they were giant triangle balloons. A white/silverfish light at each corner. One triangle was ahead of the other, side by side. Like a formation. For example.

A A As they got directly above our heads we could identify almost how big they were. They were at LEAST 3 football fields wide each if not more. As we followed them towards the back of the house I quickly remembered to look at my watch to see what time it was, I believe it was around 9:15 or 10:15 at night. Sense my uncle worked for the DEA, I wanted to make sure I got as much info as I had so that I could tell him. I was young so I thought maybe my uncle would know something about them. Anyway, as we watched them fly over and towards Hertford, we could slowly begin to see a VERY CLEAR shape to them as the lights of Hertford were blotted out in the sky of these triangle shaped craft. We watched them until we couldn’t see them any longer.

Now, here is where it gets VERY weird. Remember how I looked at my watch and remembered the time? Well the next night I thought to myself….why the hell not go outside about 15 min before the last time I saw them and see if they appear again. So….that’s just what I did. I went outside and stood in our driveway, scanning the open fields and the far off tree line. And to my utter breath taking surprise…low and behold there they were again. Except this time…there wasn’t just two. There were three. I couldn’t believe it. I was in absolute shock. Almost to the point of fear. I ran to the front door of our house and into the bedroom of my parents, woke them up and told them that the ships were back. I remember my father saying “You’re kidding right?” my mother said “Are you serious?” and I said “Yes im fucking serious, get your asses up NOW and get outside before they are gone!” So we all ran outside and we stood in front of our house in just utter shock. Just in disbelief. The fo! rmation was strange though. The two like before were in the same pattern, but the third was not. It was way off in the distance. For example.

A A A I looked at my watch again and saw it was the EXACT same time as before. And I wish to god I could say that these were some sort of military aircraft or coast guard or SOMETHING of this world. But these things were HUGE, too big for there not to be any sound what so ever, and going only about a mile an hour. VERY slow. No flashing lights like on a plane or helicopter, to markings of any type, I even used my binoculars to look at it that I had grabbed on the way out of the house and it was like looking into nothingness. Just pure black. We watched these ufos just as we did the last time, until they disappeared into the horizon of Hertford.

Now I am not sure if the police had been notified in Hertford either one of those nights. But the second night we saw these things we all of a sudden heard many many sirens coming from Hertford, police sirens. Also after these sightings…I noticed 2 weird scars on my left and right hand. One was oval shaped and another was in the perfect shape of an L. the oval being on my left and the L on my right. My uncle did ask me at one point “after I my parents and I told him about the sighting” if I had looked at the time before AND after the sighting, to see if more time had passed by than there should have been. I told him no, I had only looked at my watch once, both times. I never looked at my watch –after- the sightings. Which this was weird that he had asked me this. I never did tell him of the scars though. I’ve never told anyone of the scars until now actually. Because I honestly don’t know if they were a result of these sightings or not. And I don’t want to say anything that’! s not true or get any hopes up.

But as I said, I did have scars after these sightings that I had never seen before nor did I know where they came from.

Also, I think I should let you know, this wasn’t the only sighting I have seen. There was one other, but it was on the same road not but a mile from my house, and only about a night later. I am not sure if I need to make a separate report or not so I will just mention it on here. Not in full detail but the 3rd sighting was of orbs, and involved a family that lived down the road from us. Which one of the members was a cop. If you wish to know more about this as well then let me know and I will file another report. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

The couple that installed our AC system on the first sighting, I do not have their contact information as this took place years ago. But if it is needed then I am almost sure I can get their contact information still. As for my parents, I live with them now and they would have no problem at all answering any questions you also may have for them.

Ever sense these sightings I always look to the stars, hoping to see them again. Even though they frighten the heck out of me…I cant help but be curious in trying to figure out what they are, who they are, where they come from and what do they want. What is the end game.

Also I will send some pictures of where this took place and pictures of a map of the area, direction of ufo and direction of where we were looking and where we were. I will send these via e-mail in a day or two.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))