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Occurred : 8/13/2016 22:00 (Entered as : 8/13/16 22:00)
Reported: 9/2/2016 8:28:05 PM 20:28
Posted: 9/9/2016
Location: Bend, OR
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 minutes
White light crosses sky, turns, then appears to hover before fading out.

As I went out of my apartment, I saw a massive white light in the sky moving at a good speed N N/E. After just a few seconds I had the thought, "I can't think of anything that could possibly be besides the international space station. Well, unless it was a UFO. (Haha)" IMMEDIATELY after the second half of that thought passed through my head... The light veered east. 😒 it got to a point far north and a bit east of Bend, then stopped. 😒 This light was VERY bright; it was just a few degrees off of a street lamp and still was clearly definable. It just stopped moving altogether and sat there for a few minutes slowly dimming until I couldn't make it out anymore.

The next day I noted that the point at which it had come to rest was approximately the peak of Black Butte.