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Occurred : 8/16/2016 05:30 (Entered as : 08/16/2016 05:30)
Reported: 8/16/2016 5:18:08 PM 17:18
Posted: 8/19/2016
Location: Providence, RI
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 minute
Red circular object moving quickly, then stops and hovers over Providence, RI, changes colors and then disappears.

Around 5:30 this morning, my husband was out in the back yard with our dog, when he began to shout for me to come outside quickly. I worried something was wrong, so I immediately ran outside, as he pointed to the sky.

About a mile away I saw a very prominent red circle or orb like craft. There could have been a haze around it but unsure if it was my eyes or not. The orb was definitive and red though. I observed it and watched it in the sky as it was hovering.

Then, it very quickly zinged to the right and stopped again. It turned from red to white, then back to red. What I couldn't believe was the way it flew to the side and stopped immediately, not a gradual stop or eased stop, but a full on stop, like it hit a barrier and how fast it was moving.

It hovered a minute, then zinged left stopped, and it appeared to gain some elevation as it slowly proceeded to fly to the right and out of view for a few seconds, when I caught a glimpse of it through the houses.

I then observed it zing up into the sky so fast, I couldn't believe it, and it was gone.

I am a well educated professional and I am telling you there is nothing I have ever seen or heard of that: 1. Is as precise in stopping as that craft was, it defied physics; 2. Could move that fast, and still maintain such control; and 3. Could maneuver so quietly, no visible propellers or exterior engines were visible and without any vapor trail or exhaust.

It was scary and intriguing at the same time.

I have no doubt what I saw was not from here.